Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Armed separatists kill PCC Elder along Kumba-Mamfe Road

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Kumba - 01-Jun-2020 - 09h14   2578                      
Late Elder Akwo Gabriel Makia Family
Akwo Gabriel Makia, 41, Elder of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Kumba-Town Congregation died at dawn Sunday, May 31, 2020 when armed separatists opened fire on his car.

Sources say the armed men mistook his green RAV-4 vehicle for belonging to the military especially given that places were still dark.

Accompanied by a relation of his, Makia was on his way to Batibo, Momo Division of the North West Region where he was due to traditionally wed Mbah Marion Nah.

“Just two of them were in the car. Makia was sitting on the passenger’s seat in front while a relation of his was driving. Around Ikiliwindi Village in Konye Subdivision, not far from Kumba, bullets started raining on their car from nearby bushes. It will appear the armed separatists in the area mistook their car for a military vehicle since it was still dark,” a family member of the diseased familiar with the incident said.

Our source says the person driving sped off in an attempt to escape the shooting scene. “Unfortunately, a bullet penetrated the right back door, ran through Makia’s seat before entering his lower abdomen. He shouted that he had been hit by a bullet, fell on the driver and bled profusely. The driver struggled and parked the car behind a deserted house. When he opened Makia’s door, he saw that Makia had died.”

Cameroon-Info.Net learnt that the armed separatists mounted barricades along the road in a bid to foil a military reinforcement. They then got to the scene where the attacked car had stopped and the driver surrendered himself. After being interrogated, the armed men extended their apologies. They said they had mistaken the vehicle for belonging to the military and so thought soldiers were aboard. They later disappeared into the wild.

It took the intervention of the military for the road blocks to be cleared and the corpse transported to Kumba where Christians, friends and family members were gathered.

Family members say Makia will be buried in Kumba on June 13, 2020, the date he had set aside to celebrate his civil marriage at the Kumba I Council.


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