Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Armed Separatists Torture Nursing Mothers, Angry Population Demand Worldwide Condemnation

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
Bamenda - 17-Jul-2019 - 19h00   10329                      
Mothers being attacked Screen capture
A shocking video of armed separatists torturing three women, two with babies less than six months, has been attracting nationwide condemnation, as some are calling on separatist leaders in the diaspora, to call their fighters to order

After scrutinising the video, filmed during the day on a tarred road, the armed separatists, also known as Amba boys, speak in their mother tongue which has been identified as Bali.

They force the women to sit on the tar, while they use sticks, ropes and belts to weep them up. At some point, one of the nursing mothers, drops her baby on the tar, due to the pains sustained during the exercise. The separatists, were more than five, pointed guns at the women.

While bearing these women , they ask them why they were running away from the group. One of the women said they were going to buy chicken and heard gunshots when they saw them, and started running in order not to be caught in a gun exchange with the military.

Reports say these separatists are accusing the women of selling food to soldiers, who had been deployed there to stop the Ambazonia resistance.

Many who have watched the video, have expressed disappointment over the fact that Amba boys which was created to protect the people, are now against the people.

One of those reactions came from popular activist, Mark Bareta, who pushed away other counter ideas from his collaborations that the perpetrators were not Amba Boys.

“ The video is not fake Amba. They are Ambazonia fighters in Bali who carried out such shameful acts. Those in charge of them in Mezam must get hold of these guys, make them visit the families and apologise. The guys involved must be punished. Continuous education on Geneva rules must continued to our fighters. While we understand the difficult conditions they go through, they must apply human face to our own people no matter what” , reacted Bareta.

Cameroon’s opposition party leader, Prince Ekosso of the USDP, called the video “heartbreaking, and stated that no woman, irrespective of her crime should undergo such humiliation.

“ It is a shameful and unacceptable act. We call on all Anglophone Cameroonians to rise up and condemn such evil.”, said the politician.

Many gender activists have linked the situation to the execution of two women and their children in the Far North by the country’s military, stating that all should get on board and condemn the violence committed by armed separatists, same way they did for the unprofessional soldiers.


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