Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Female Journalist Arrested In Buea for Leading A Match for Peace

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 14-Mar-2019 - 20h59   2161                      
Des gendarmes en patrouille, le 3 octobre 2018 à Buéa, au Cameroun AFP/Archives/MARCO LONGARI
The Mayor of Buea,Ekema Patrick is said to have stopped an authorised peaceful match organised by the Cameroon Community Media Network, a peace project of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon(PCC), this Thursday in Buea

The leader of the network who is also the manager of the Christian Broadcasting System of the PCC ,Reverend Forbang Geraldine, was taken along by security officials who work for the mayor. They were accused of holding a peace match without the knowledge of the mayor who has on several occasions taken decisions on his own.

Reports say the journalist , her employers are in a conclave at the mayor's office to reach an agreement, which could possibly lead to her release. In prelude to the meeting organised by the peace network, they requested permission from the Divisional officer of Buea, Kouam Wokam Paul, which was granted by the administrator. It was agreed that after the match, these journalists would hand over a memo to the South West governor.

This is not the first time mayor Ekema Patrick has challenged a group against hosting an event in his jurisdiction. He is partly blamed for stopping organisers of the Anglophone General Conference, from hosting in Buea. The organisers saw it a joke that a mayor would try to stop them from hosting an event meant to pave a way for peace in Cameroon. They were surprised when authorisation papers of the said conference wasn’t signed by the D.O of Buea.Till date, the Anglophone conference has not taken place. Hopes about it has been killed.

Some journalists who were at today’s event said while stopping the match, the mayor made discriminatory comments on those who didn’t come from his land. Mayor Ekema Patrick has been one of the Anglophone elites, who has stayed steadfast to his opinion on the clamour for independence by some Anglophones. He has been accused severally of using discriminatory comments about Anglophones from the North West region.


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