Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Four Workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation Arrested

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
Buea - 22-Aug-2019 - 17h19   7214                      
plantation CDC CDC
Soldiers in the South West region have arrested four workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC.

According to the Guardian Post, soldiers stormed the Koke Camp in Mondoni Tiko, over the weekend arrested the plantation workers and took them to a nearby military camp.

A relative of one of those arrested, said his brother along with the others, were later transferred to a prison in Buea. He continued that the soldiers didn't say why the workers were arrested.

Although the management of the corporation is yet to comment on this, some sources claim the arrest of four workers could be linked to the Anglophone Crisis.

Persons suspected of having links with armed separatists groups, have recently been arrested by soldiers. Most often relatives of the accused and not informed about their whereabouts.

The Cameroon Development Corporation has suffered the effects of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, with production dropping tremendously, and workers abandoning duty, due to constant attacks from armed separatists.

The once leading banana supplying production house, and second state employer but has been overtaken by PHP Banana production house, with headquarters in Penja.

Efforts are being done by government to revamp banana production in the country and to restore order within the sector, as most plantations today have been secured by military officials, in order to counter separatists.




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