Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Hypocrisy Or Reality?: Chris Anu Says “Ambazonian Restoration Forces Have Not Been Trained To Abduct Or Kidnap Or Take Ransom From Any Civilian”

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Chris Anu, Secretary of State for Communication of the Ambazonia Separatist Movement of Cameroon has said Ambazonia forces were not trained to abduct, kidnap or take ransom from civilians in Ambazonia.

He alleges that “it is the Cameroonian military  that is arresting civilians in Anglophone Cameroon or Ambazonia.” Anu was answering questions from the BBC on April 24, 2019 days after the abduction of the junior brother and two employees of opposition leader, Ni John Fru Ndi.

“Ambazonian Restoration Forces have not been trained to abduct or kidnap or take ransom from any civilian on the ground in Ambazonia. What I will say to you is that there are forces on the ground in Ambazonia. In fact, the invading French Cameroon terrorist army in Ambazonia go around in civilian attire. They shoot to kill, they arrest individuals and I wouldn’t be surprised these abductions that Fru Ndi is referring to were conducted by French Cameroon Forces,” Anu said in a thundering voice.

In what may be his non-mastery of the administrative structures of Cameroon,  Anu made allegations without providing empirical evidence.

His words: “It will also interest you to know that the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation [maybe he meant Minister of Territorial Administration], Paul Atanga Nji of French Cameroon, the Government Delegate to the Bamenda Urban Council [apparently referring to the Bamenda City Council], the Mayor of Buea Council and other individuals who are loyal to the French Cameroon regime have also recruited and equipped fighters on the ground to harass and intimidate and bully, abduct and take ransoms from Ambazonians. And you may ask what is the reason for that? The reason for that is to demoralise our people to surrender and give up on resisting the war they declared on us.”

But Cameroon's Communication Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi said on Monday that soldiers are not involved in the burning of houses in the restive regions.

“Our republican forces, whose vocation is placed under the sign of honor and loyalty, cannot, at the same time, come to the rescue of the populations and be their executioners,” Sadi said at Monday's press conference, adding that, “Contrary to widespread allegations, the Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces carry out their mission with a high sense of responsibility, professionalism, discernment, bravery and dedication.”

Quizzed on the case of the children of one Mrs Esther Omam abducted by separatists, Anu dismissed the allegations but was told that “the allegation is that the abductions are taking place whenever people do not support the movement”.

Anu again insisted that theirs is a struggle funded from abroad and they need not get financial support from locals through abductions and ransom taking.

“That is not true! People do not support the movement from ground zero. The movement is supported from the diaspora. Tell me, how do you pick up kids and expect kids to support the movement? No! It doesn’t happen. Support for the movement comes from the diaspora. Whoever has abducted those students, I can assure you, those are French Cameroon terrorist soldiers and our Ambazonian restoration fighters are not in the character of taking up children for any reason,” Anu, the movement’s spokesman said.

With this new position of Anu, many wonder those behind the kidnapping of the Divisional Officer (DO) for Batibo, Marcel Namata Diteng on February 11, 2018 if not separatists.

Even as Anu is trying to present a saintly picture of their fighters, several other kidnappings cast doubts on the honesty of his assertion.

The abduction of students at Sasse College, PSS Nkwen, St Augustine's College Kumbo, Athletes at the University of Buea,  Priests in Muyuka, Animbom Aaron Akiabom, Regional Delegate for Social Affairs for the North West Region, Prof. Ivo Leke Tambo, Board Chair of the GCE Board among many others have been attributed to separatists.

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