Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Lebialem Fons Beg Government To Clear The Way For Them To Return Home

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 15-Oct-2019 - 21h06   6039                      
Cross-section of Lebialem Fons, elite Moore Atem
Traditional Rulers from Alou, Wabane and Fontem grouped under the Lebial​​em Fons Conference have called on the government to take speedy measures to ensure their safe return to their palaces, as well as the safety of their subjects.

Meeting in Yaoundé Monday, October 14, 2019, the traditional rulers say armed men seeking to make of Cameroon's North West and South West Regions an independent country christened Ambazonia are multiplying their reign of terror despite the Major National Dialogue that was expected to lead to a cessation of hostilities.

While thanking the Head of State, President Paul Biya for convening the Major National Dialogue, they also saluted the Prime Minister, Head of Government for the smooth organization of the event.

“Our expectations on the implementation of the resolutions arrived at are immeasurable,” the chiefs said in a communiqué that sanctioned the extraordinary general assembly of the Lebialem Fons Conference.

The traditional rulers regret that the Major National Dialogue has come and gone, but peace is yet to return to Lebialem Division. Senator Fon Lekunze Nembo Andreas, Paramount Fon of Bamumbu who doubles as President of the Lebialem Fons Conference said at the end of the meeting that they are preparing to attend the installation of the newly appointed Senior Divisional Officer of Lebialem.

The traditional rulers of Lebialem wrote: “At this point in time when we thought the frank and inclusive nature of the recently ended Major National Dialogue, coupled with the resolutions arrived at, should bring relative peace in Lebialem Division, we are rather witnessing general insecurity, intimidation and barbaric actions of separatists on our populations and their property.

“We therefore use this opportunity to sturdily condemn the following: the threats facing the customs, tradition and cultural heritage of Lebialem Division due to the ferocious activities of separatists; the general insecurity, intimidation and unconsecrated actions of separatists on our populations and their property; the attempt by separatists to tarnish the image of our elites and traditional ruler by claiming that they have been sponsoring them.

“We hereby renew our usual stand to continue supporting State institutions and Republican values while counting on Government to create an enabling environment for our populations and ourselves to return to our various Fondoms (chiefdoms). We also count on the powers that be, to assist us as we prepare to massively attend the upcoming installation of the newly appointed SDO of Lebialem Division.

“We have arrived at a number of suggestions accompanied with an action plan to be implemented at short, medium and long term for life to return to normalcy in Lebialem Division, and to work in close collaboration with our elites and the administration.

“We once more congratulate those sons and daughters of Lebialem Division who have deserted the ranks of armed separatists to enroll at the National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration as well as those who have deserted and regained normal life for their courage. We encourage those who are still in the bushes to do same if they truly love the Division.

“We urge the people of Lebialem at home and abroad to raise their eyebrows and serve their division of origin with determination. They should place general interest above personal interest.” recalls that in the absence of traditional rulers, Lekeaka Oliver aka Field Marshal, leader of the Lebialem-based “Red Dragons” separatist armed group installed himself as "King of Lebialem". He went on to install under Fons answerable to him.


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