Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Mancho Bibixy Clocks 35, Writes Emotional Letter As He Celebrates 3rd Birthday In Prison

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 18-Aug-2019 - 13h03   3989                      
Mancho Bibixy Tse Mancho
Born on Saturday, August 18, 1984, Mancho Bibixy Tse, leader of the Coffin Revolution clocks 35 in prison today. He led the November 21, 2016 coffin revolution in Bamenda to demand more development for the city.

He would later be arrested on January 19, 2017 and on May 25, 2018, Mancho Bibixy, a broadcaster for the private radio station Abakwa FM in Bamenda, was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on anti-state charges by a military court in Yaoundé. 

Mancho was found guilty of terrorism, secession, hostility to the fatherland, spreading false information, revolution, insurrection, rebellion, and contempt for civil servants. 

Though serving his time at the Kondengui Central Prison, Mancho has since launched a spirited campaign for school resumption in the troubled North West and South West Regions.

On his birthday,  Mancho puts out a message her presented below:-

Mancho's Birthday Message

"Today August 18, I celebrate a 3rd birthday in jail - 2017, 2018 and 2019. Many who came behind me and with even bigger charges have been released. 

I remember ignoring many calls to escape arrest. 

"Even security officials offered to help me escape but I refused. After the arrest of comrades Agbor Balla and Fontem Neba,I got over 200 calls and texts telling me to escape. On the night of my arrest, I was informed they were coming. I chose to stay and be arrested for your sake. 

"In court, I told them to sentence me to death and free my brothers. I have turned down several offers which do not improve the lives of my people. I would have left prison since 2017 if I wanted to leave my brothers behind. I have always put the people first. I remember attending my first SCNC [Southern Cameroons National Council] meeting as a college kid in 1999. We later formed the Anglo-Saxon Youth Higher Council. Slowly, I can celebrate 20 years fighting for my people. 

"It's been a rough journey. Every detention center in Bamenda has either summoned or jailed me. I've slept in 5 detention centers in Yaounde.The recent kidnap to GSO almost made me give up. While I encouraged others to be strong,I was feeling that the Lord could call it off as the pain became unbearable. 

"I remember kneeling and praying before going out on 21 November 2016. I remember telling God, if it's necessary, let me be killed.That is why you saw me moving towards bullets when everyone pulled back. I have had several chances to travel abroad but gave them to others, for me, the fight is back home. 

"I am proud of my people.In our minority, we have put up a big fight against Injustice.The forces of evil will use violence yet unseen to make us give up. You must never give up.Never! 

"As we move on,we must take off time to evaluate and re-strategise. We must also know when to retreat when necessary and when to bounce back. 

"We must tolerate each other.When you disagree on tactics and policy with others,it doesn't mean others are compromised. we will never reason the same in tactics but we are United in purpose.lets tolerate each other and disagree to agree. 

"We must start examining the demerits of the social media on the struggle and make adjustments. The diaspora has been wonderful.If not for the disunity amongst them,we would have moved miles ahead. I still wonder what makes unity so difficult amongst people we thought were the most educated. 

"We have taken several measures that only increase pain and suffering on our people.Our struggle must be people friendly. Each day, the people must see and feel why we fight for them. Our strength lies in the support of our people.They must never doubt if the struggle is for their good.

The road may be long and bumpy but we are ready to walk it."


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