Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Military raids Amba camp, kills fighters, frees suspected witch

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Kumba - 16-Sep-2021 - 13h38   4906                      
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A detachment of military officers raided an amba camp on September 13 in Barombi-Mbo, Kumba I subdivision, Meme Division, South West region killing suspected separatist fighters, freeing an elderly woman accused of being a witch in the process.

Reports hold that the gunmen believed to be amba fighters had abducted the elderly woman, accusing her of being a witch. They are said to have brutalized and locked her up in one of their hideouts. It remains unclear for how long the accused woman had been in the hands of the Amba fighters before the military intervention.

According to a resident of Barombi-Mbo village, the elderly woman was abducted over accusations that she killed her son through a mystical snake bite.

The said son is reported to have been bitten by a snake in a farm. The deceased is said to have killed the snake but died from venom which it had deposited into his system hours after.

Another local said the amba boys took over the matter, insisting that the said snake was the totem of the elderly woman whom they abducted.

A resident of Barombi-Mbo is reported to have hinted to the security forces about the development and other atrocities the fighters are reported to have been committing in the village.

Immediately the military launched a search operation for members of the non-state armed group whom we also further gathered had for long been terrorizing the population of Barombi-Mbo.

The military raid led to the death of a notorious kingpin of the Amba movement in Barombi-Mbo and at least three of his associates.

The successful operation led to the death of the camp’s commander and some other members whom we are yet to confirm the number. The other members were reported to have taken on their heels.

A family head said the military raid has ushered in an atmosphere of freedom in Baromi-Mbo. Inhabitants of Barombi-Mbo have in the last few days been going about their activities without fear of the unknown, we learned.

The deceased amba kingpin is also reported to have seized the farms of several locals.


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