Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Soldiers kill four gunmen in Bamenda, display corpses at Finance Junction

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Bamenda - 13-Sep-2021 - 17h12   7183                      
Locals watch the displayed corpses in shock Screenshot from amateur video
Residents of Bamenda, capital of Cameroon’s North West region woke up Monday, September 13, 2021, to see four corpses displayed at Finance Junction.

The corpses were partially nude and stained with blood. Other pictures show the corpses with guns and other ammunition placed on them.

As locals thronged the scene early Monday morning to see for themselves, information emerged that the men were armed separatist fighters who had been tracked down and killed by state forces.

Open sources say the four men were killed around 11:45 pm on Sunday, September 12, 2021, by a military patrol team.

Reports say state forces killed the gunmen at Ntarinkon, not far from the residence of the National Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party. They were onboard a green carina E vehicle with registration number 15 94 30.

Soldiers are believed to have killed the four gunmen and recovered two AK47 rifles no 03594 and 05110 along with four loader boxes and a car.

The corpses were then taken from Ntarinkon in Bamenda II Subdivision to Finance Junction in Bamenda III subdivision where they were displayed for the population to see.

Cameroon’s state forces have been battling to dislodge armed separatists who pitched their tents in the North West and South West Regions since Anglophone protests transformed into an armed conflict in 2017.

Corporate demands by Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone Teachers led to protests in November 2016. The street demonstrations later morphed into ongoing running gun battles between state forces and armed separatist fighters in the predominantly English-speaking regions, leading to untold destruction of human lives, their habitats, and livelihoods.

Tit-for-tat killings, kidnappings, arsons, maiming, and outright terror have become part of daily lives in some parts of the English-speaking regions.


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