Cameroon: Another Music Icon, Roméo Dika Stinks Paul Biya

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 15-May-2019 - 11h48   6460                      
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Popular Cameroonian musician and former supporter of the ruling CPDM party, Roméo Dika, has expressed anger over President Paul Biya and some of his close collaborators, after the Presidency tweeted on the importance of forgiveness, few days ago.

Roméo Dika who took to radio stations, his twitter page and a trending voice note expressed regrets over he fact that he was campaigning by the CPDM party during the October 2018 presidential campaigns but his efforts were not regarded and aprreciated.

"I sacrificed my artistic career to support President Paul Biya...which artist sacrificed I did?". Today the president speaks of forgiveness. “Forgiving who, for what mistakes? The government and the Republic should present to us the contours and the elements of these faults which must mobilise forgiveness of Cameroonians”, he said.

The artist who invested his energy to praise Paul Biya before October, went sour. “Until contrary is proven, the speech I hear is that of a father at the twilight of an early destiny, which does not want things to fall in his hands. When he came to power in 1982, Cameroon had 250 tribes. Today there exist two tribes; the tribe of the extremely poor and the tribe of the extremely rich”, he continued.

On several occasions he said he was disappointed by the manner in which Biya and others governed the country. To him, President Paul Biya appoints thieves, who steal and misappropriate state funds. He expressed direct hatred to the Minister of labour and social security, Gregoire Owona, whom he said even if Paul Biya sked him to forgive the former, he wouldn't do it because he made him loose over FCF 90 million.

“ Always the same speeches, and asks us to sacrifice our families for a policy that will never bring us anything, and I say it, it will not bring us anything !!! I'm no longer here ..”, he said quitting the ruling CPDM party.

Last month, another Artist Longue Longue condemned the government of Cameroon, where he claimed last 2018 presidential elections were fraudulent. He was later arrested in Douala and his passport seized. Longue Longue has been moving from one media house to the other, crying and begging government to return his passport.

Many have expressed fear that a similar situation could happen to Roméo Dika, author of popular hit, “le mari de ma femme”.



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