Cameroon – Culture: “Saving Mbango” To Be Premiered Saturday, October 26

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One of Cameroon’s long-awaited and finest movies, “Saving Mbango” that depicts the passionate interest of most Cameroonians in the film industry is set for release.

“Saving Mbango”, a maiden production from EMBI productions, is produced by Stephanie Tum and directed by multiple award-winning director, Nkanya Nwai.

The movie was shot in Mondoni, a rural community in the South West Region of Cameroon. It showcases actors including Godis Fungwa starring as John Penda, Laura Onyama as Mbango, Otia Vitalis Suh as Mr. Penda, Solange Ojong as Njanjo, Libota MacDonald as Oggen and Ngonga Elizabeth as Grandma among others.

Though the Movie will be premiered on Saturday, October 26 as from 6.30pm at Canal Olympia Bessengue Douala, it has become a household name among families, and movie lovers across Cameroon and beyond.

The Producer/Executive Producer Stephanie Tum told newsmen that when she decided to step into a shoe of a producer, she wanted to “produce stories that were deep, raw, authentic, and relatable; true stories that even the layman will relate to and stories that represent Cameroonians as we are”.

Saving Mbango to her, is that movie. “It’s a gripping tale of love, survival, family dysfunction, ignorance and disease. It is a deeply layered debut story by my colleague, Lynno Lovert. A first time script writer who borrows a lot from his personal experience to tell the story, Saving Mbango,” said Tum.

Saving Mbango is a drama based on the life of a young boy (John) who wound up as the breadwinner of a very dysfunctional family. His chaotic and tumultuous family background gets in the way of his dreams and ambitions.

John falls in love with a village girl (Mbango) whose life has complications that make those of John look trivial. John’s entire world becomes even more conflicting. He finds himself torn between minding the business of his dysfunctional family and saving the love of his life.

Constantly tormented by his aggressive and alcoholic father, irresponsible older brother and mean unmarried sisters, he finds himself in a severe dilemma.

The Executive Producer/Producer of the movie Stephanie Tum, is one of the most recognised Cameroonian actresses and a remarkable talented actress whose appearance always makes a statement. Stepping into the producer’s shoes for the first time, she is the producer and executive producer of the movie, Saving Mbango – a maiden production from her production company, EMBI productions.

She is also the founder of EMBI charity foundation, an NGO aimed at educating young girls and women on menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Her charity also seeks to create sustainable solutions to eradicate “period poverty” by providing affordable sanitary pads to under privileged young girls and women and most importantly enable young girls to stay in school during their menstrual period.

The Co-executive Producer, Julia L. Gham on the other hand enjoys the captivating presence of the owner of the powerhouse Ent Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. She is a highly entertaining radio show host for WGHC 98.3FM and producer, as well as a talented chef and entrepreneur.

Julia L. Gham owns the PowerHouse restaurant, the PowerHouse multimedia Gham, Julia’s Africuizine food truck, the PowerHouse entertainment all under the brand of the PowerHouse Ent Inc. She has more than 16 years of experience in working in these different fields. From producing Mr Leo and several artists to working with Dreamsalive Entertainment in film, Julia L. Gham takes in a collaborative project as a co-producer to Stephanie Tum of EMBI productions to bring to screen, the movie, Saving Mbango.

Who will save Mbango? Can Mbango be saved? Rendezvous on Saturday October 26 as from 6.30pm at Canal Olympia Bessengue Douala.

"Saving Mbango" Executive Producer/Producer, Stephanie Tum
"Saving Mbango" Co-Executive Producer, Julia L. Gham (c) Facebook
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