Cameroon: Douala Government Delegate Bans Circulation of Parking Tickets, Illegal Towing of Vehicles

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
Douala - 27-Jun-2019 - 01h45   3114                      
Fritz Ntone Ntone Archives
The Government Delegate to the Douala City Council has issued a ban on the sale of parking tickets within the city, as well as the unlawful towing of vehicles.

Mr. Fritz Ntone Ntone says it is in connection with an ongoing black market and circulation of fake tickets that has prompted his decision.

He further states that measures are being taken to revamp the sector as the council is thinking towards applying modern methods of parking within Douala.

Mr. Ntone has also warned anyone selling tickets or illegally controlling parking lots, to stop carrying out this activity or they would be arrested and tickets seized, while those towing vehicles illegally will face the cold hands of the law.
Car owners have been called upon to respect this decision. The municipal police , and the corruption unit of the City council, is expected to facilitate the process.

Car owners have been complaining about group of men, towing vehicles and taking them to unknown decisions. Some of them threaten these car owners with towing machines, in order to be bribed.

Persons dressed with road safety garments, hang around some hotels and harassing visitors with tickets, which doesn’t indicate it is from the Douala City Council. These complains, many believe have pushed the government delegate to take the aforementioned decision.




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