Cameroon – February 9 polls: Lebialem Population Kick over Allegations That CPDM Will Cede Lone Parliamentary Seat to Opposition

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Lebialem - 13-Jan-2020 - 05h32   8910                      
Cross-section of Lebialem Fons, elite Moore Atem
Rumour that the CPDM plans to cede the lone Parliamentary Seat in Lebialem to the opposition Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP) of Benze Enow Bate, member of the presidential majority has sent the political class jittery.

The Star reports that Lebialem has in the past few months been weathering an unsolicited political storm to the chagrin and consternation of the denizens of the Division who say until the current crisis reared its ugly head, they have over the years voted the ruling party.

It writes that the unconstitutional sacking of Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi (now of late) as Secretary General of the Social Democratic Front  (SDF) party and others was followed by the massive resignation of SDF militants to the CPDM in Menji-Fontem on April 26, 2007 and later Alou and Wabane.

They says a survey carried out by their team of reporters say since then, Lebialem people have always rallied behind government because they want their roads tarred, sons and daughters appointed to high places in government and the opening of an Institute of Agriculture for improved productivity since their mainstay is farming.

They said despite the current Anglophone crisis, their position has not changed as they keep appealing to government to solve the crisis so that they can return to their villages. “If we don’t vote the ruling party how can we ask for more appointments and amenities?” asked a CPDM Councilor from Lebialem.

“Just last week, the social media and other reliable sources went aghast with news that the National President of the Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP), Benze Enow Bate has since been boasting that he has struck a deal with the Presidency for his candidate running in Lebialem to be given the lone parliamentary seat and deprived other candidates running under the CPDM and SDF lists even if they won.

“According to reports which have gone undomesticated, Benze Enow says his party is being compensated as member of the presidential majority who has stood and supported the Head of State in all his victorious elections. The victory he told his supporters will come from the ballot or from the court.

“While many said they doubted the veracity of the information, The Star decided to get into the root of the matter by calling the National President of the CDP, Benze Enow Bate who after listening to the allegations, said the information was false and misleading in an attempt to smear him.

Hear him: “l have never had any such discussion with anyone at the Presidency of the Republic and the Presidency cannot dictate who becomes a Parliamentarian. It does not control the voting population on the field. If you play your political game well on the field you will win. What you have read and been told is a blatant lie.”

“As to information that his party is not well known in Lebialem, Benze Enow argued that his party has existed in Lebialem since it was created, adding that politics is a game of interest and whoever wins, wins.

“Meanwhile, the population has warned that whether the story is true or not, they are supporting the ruling party because of the appointment of their son, H.E. Paul Tasong,  Minister Delegate at MINEPAT;   H.E. Albert Fotabong, High Commissioner of Cameroon  to the United Kingdom; Secretary General in the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Justice Fonkwe Fongang; Board Chairpersons of the GCE Board and Public Investment, Prof. Ivo Leke Tambo and Dr. Daine Acha Morfaw; Inspectors General in the Ministries of Education and Social Affairs, Prof. Justine Njika and Fon Fualeke Asongtia Valentine of Essoh Attah, et al.

“They said they want to vote for the ruling party (CPDM) so that more appointments can come and the tarring of their roads and other benefits follow. Some of them who refused to be named for fear of the prevailing security situation in the two English-speaking Regions said with a CPDM Senator, Hon. Fon Lekunze Nembo Andreas and CPDM Parliamentarian, Hon. Dr. Bernard Ateawung Foju in place, all hands will be on deck to work for the development of Lebialem which prides itself with a population of over 140.000.  It is crystal clear that only about 6.000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are away from home, while the rest of the people are in their villages in Lebialem.

“Political pundits are optimistic that Lebialem will undoubtedly vote the ruling party candidates in Municipal and Legislative elections so that the healing process with the one who has the authority to govern can continue for peace to return in the country.”


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