Cameroon – Kumba ‘horrific’ school shooting: “I will take my gun and come out! Come out and defend your children!” – Ali Anougu, Kumba I D.O.

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Kumba - 24-Oct-2020 - 15h23   8322                      
Ali Anougu, D.O. for Kumba I Screenshot from amateur video
The Divisional Officer, D.O., for Kumba I, Ali Anougu, has been in inconsolable tears after visiting Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango where armed men opened fire on students Saturday morning.

Addressing a thick crowd in front of the emergency unit of the Kumba District Hospital, the Divisional Officer said the population must stand up and defend their children.

“A private secondary school has just been attacked by the terrorists, secessionists. Students have been shot, some dead already and others under critical conditions in the hospital,” said Ali Anougu. “The administration condemns this in strong terms. We condemn the acts of these terrorists. We want to call on the population to stand firm on their feet let us face these terrorists in Kumba today. Let us stand and put an end to this nonsense happening in Kumba today. Our children must go to school. Children should not be targeted because they want an education. It is their right. Parents should know that it is the right of their children to go to school. We have to condemn this with all our energy.”

Ali Anougu, D.O. for Kumba I calls on population to stand up against armed separatists (c) WhatsApp

Breaking down into tears, the Divisional Officer for Kumba I said he will take his gun and go after the perpetrators of the horrific school attack in Kumba today.

His words: “I want to tell you that even myself today, I will take my gun and come out. Please, everybody must come out today. Those fellows must die. Please, everybody, come out and defend your children.

“This is total nonsense. They are our brothers and sisters killing our children because of education. We shall never permit that. Please, they are okada people, they are your brothers, and they are your friends.

“I am calling on everybody today to put an end to this nonsense. This nonsense must stop today! Children should not be killed because they want to go to school. This is total nonsense.

“What type of war of independence do they want? By killing our children who want to go to school? They want their right but they do not want others to exercise their own rights? If not for education, would they ever know the independence is? If not for education, would they ever go to Europe? If not for education, would they ever know how to shoot a gun?

“Please, I am telling you, my brothers and sisters, I am crying for the first time in my life. This nonsense should stop. Call your brothers and sisters to stop this nonsense. Allow our children to go to school! Allow our children to go to school!”

Ali Anougu, D.O. for Kumba I in tears after horrific school attack (c) WhatsApp

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