Cameroon – Limbe Deadly Dinner: Ebai Family Denies Claims That 12-Year-Old Confessed She Poisoned The Food

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
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Samuel Enoh, member of the Ebai’s family has denied allegations that a family member confessed to the food poisoning tragedy, according to Atlantic Chronicles.

In a note written by the said Samuel Enoh, a member of the concerned family, on Sunday, August 11, he stated that: “Nobody has confessed to putting poison to the food that killed our family members.”

This came a day after information had circulated that a 12-year-old girl had confessed to poisoning the family dinner.

In fact, Tarhyang Tabe, Publisher of the Advocate Newspaper had on August 10 made the following Facebook post: “Shocking! 12-year old confesses to Limbe deadly dinner murder. House help brought from village says she was angry after being scolded at.”

The concerned family has now rubbished any such allegations. Atlantic Chronicles quotes Samuel Enoh as denouncing “any and every form of mob action directed against my family members”.

Enoh went on to castigate what he termed “evil, and invisible hand” that is manipulating, inciting and causing harm to his family. recalls that three members of the Ebai family died Thursday, August 8, 2019 in one of the worst food poisoning cases in Cameroon.

The about eleven members of the household who consumed the said meal were rushed to the Limbe Regional Hospital where the three deaths were confirmed with medics saving the lives of eight others.

Information has it that 66-year-old Gladys Ebai and 38-year-old Shella Mbeng Ebai gave up the ghost before they got to the hospital, while 3-year-old Che Sharon, daughter to Shella Mbeng Ebai died in hospital.

The Director of the Limbe Regional Hospital, Dr. Denis Nsame Nforniwe has since said the eight others are in a stable condition, saluting the efforts of the team of medics who under emergency procedures brought the situation under control.

Preliminary medical report of Limbe dinner disaster points to intoxication, journalist Tarhyang reported. A situational report from the Limbe Regional Hospital suggests that the “food poisoning is likely caused by pesticide (Mukap)”.

Days after the incident, information circulated on social media that the police in Limbe had arrested at least five suspects, among them a teenage girl. Earlier social media buzz had claimed that a 12-year-old girl confessed to the crime. Going by family sources, the information is false.

In the evening of Saturday, August 10, a short video went viral on social media showing Police Officers in front of the Ebai’s house ferrying away an aged woman and others including the supposed teenager.

Going by Enoh’s write-up, the family alerted the Police who came and took them to safety, after rumours trended on social media that a 12-year-old had confessed to the crime. This was followed by stigmatisation from neighbours and gathering of an angry mob, prompting police to come to the bereaved family’s rescue.

Investigations are still underway to determine the cause of the poison that has so far, resulted in three deaths.


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