Cameroon – Ngarbuh Killings: Barrister Legenju Vitalise Shames Bar Association For Suspicious Silence

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 18-Feb-2020 - 01h37   2157                      
Barrister Legenju Vitalise Nkemngong Facebook
Barrister Legenju Vitalise Nkemngong, who says he is of the Bangwa Consortium, has taken to Facebook to question the disturbing silence of the Cameroon Bar Association regarding the bloody incident at Ngarbuh in Cameroon’s North West Region.

The former senior partner at Veritas Law Offices in Buea writes that “the Bar Association worldwide is celebrated as being that last hope for the voiceless in face of aggression by the powers that be against its own people”.

His words: “There is an age old adage that “Staying mute enface injustice is clearly siding with the Oppressor”. The current Leadership of The Cameroon Bar (just like most Francophone politicians in Cameroon nowadays Kamto inclusive) rose to power particular based on their rhetoric as the messiahs to see the innocent Anglophones out of the massacre meted on them by the Regime.

“On the 14th of February, 2020 while Francophones joined the rest of the World to celebrate Love on Saint Valentine’s Day, We the Southern Cameroonians rose up to the gruesome Massacre of over 27 Civilians including Children and pregnant women in Ngarbuh Village, Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

“While Activists in and outside Cameroon, Civil Society Organizations, National/International media houses and some UN Agencies have issued statements condemning such heinous Crimes against Humanity against a people, The Cameroon Bar Association has stayed mute.

“The Bar Association Worldwide is celebrated as being that last hope for the voiceless in face of aggression by the powers that be against its own people. The question is not just issuing a statement but the spontaneity of such a statement is of fundamental importance.

“The Bar that is, and that the Bar that ought to be leaves much to be desired. In the coming months or thereabout, they will come again calling us “Nos Frere de NOSO” and talking big of how Common Law friendly they are. I recall how swiftly the Bar has acted when issues touch on their brothers East of the Mungo like the colleague who was tortured by the Gendarmes in Yaoundé etc, from the lukewarm attitude of the Bar and by extension Francophones towards the sufferings of the Anglophones, Can we genuinely say again that: “WE ARE ONE PEOPLE AND ONE COUNTRY”?

“It is time for our Anglophone Bar Council Members to put aside their indifferent/ideological differences and loyalty to the Francophone led Bar, and side with their people. We need them now more than ever. God Bless the good peace loving people of the Southern Cameroons.”


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