Cameroon: Paramount Chief-elect Bows To Pressure, Apologizes, Withdraws 'Traditional Key To Limbe' From Fru Ndi

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HRH Manga Williams poses with Limbe Chiefs June 22, 2019 Facebook
Limbe Paramount Chief-elect, HRH John Elufa Manga Williams has tabled an apology to the Limbe Chiefs Conference following widespread criticism after he handed a symbolic key to the city of Limbe to Ni John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, party.

John Elufa Manga Williams tendered his apology Saturday, June 22, 2019 at the Mokindi Chief's Palace in Limbe II Subdivision during an extraordinary meeting of the Limbe Chiefs Conference.

During the said meeting,  we learnt that the Limbe Paramount Chief-elect presented a written apology to his peers and also a copy of "a letter of withdrawal of the key to Limbe" addressed to John Fru Ndi.

Speaking to on the line to Limbe Sunday, June 23, 2019, HRM Ndiko Fonderson Henry of Mevio, president of the Limbe Chiefs Conference said the Paramount Chief-elect met all the conditions he had been given and has thus been forgiven.

"...he tendered a written apology like we had demanded. He also presented to us a copy of the letter withdrawing the key to Limbe addressed to John Fru Ndi. He also presented some traditionally prescribed items as fine for his actions. We have forgiven him and all is well now, " Chief Ndiko told Sunday morning.

Grouped under the umbrella of the Limbe Sub Divisional Conference of Traditional Rulers, some 13 Limbe chiefs had distanced themselves from Paramount Chief-elect John Elufa Manga Williams after he handed a symbolic key to Ni John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party during his Thursday, June 13, 2019 visit to the seaside resort.

The 13 chiefs who signed the June 17, 2019 declaration say the document is void of any “bias or prejudice, but is rather in solidarity to express their position and desires.”

The chiefs said Manga Williams handing of a key to Fru Ndi was controversial and that John Elufa Manga Williams does not yet have a Ministerial confirmation and thus cannot usurp the title of paramount Chief of Limbe to that extent.

They said their association with Manga Williams in the past had been the result of solidarity and nothing else. “That our acceptance of John Elufa Manga Williams to associate himself amongst us in public ceremonies is simply for purposes of solidarity and nothing more,” the chiefs wrote.

They went on to give three conditions that Paramount Chief-elect John Elufa Manga Williams must fulfil to redeem his position in the gathering of chiefs during public ceremonies.

“That by this declaration we unanimously call on John Elufa Manga Williams to comply the following:

“Tender a written apology to the Limbe Chiefs Conference with regards to the handing over of a tradition key to Ni John Fru Ndi.

“Address a letter to Ni John Fru Ndi captioned withdrawal of Traditional Key, informing him of the said withdrawal.

“Desist from executing any further action as Paramount Ruler of Limbe until he John Elufa Manga Williams is confirmed as 1st Class Chief by the competent authority.”

The declaration was sealed by Chief Ndiko Fonderson Henry of Mevio who is president of the Limbe Chiefs Conference along with Chief Edward Motande Maole of Mokunda, Secretary General of the said grouping.

The eleven other signatories to the document include: Chief Epupa Samuel Ekum of Dikolo, Chief Alami Fabian Ekane of Mokindi, Chief George Dikanjo Malumbe of Wovia, Chief Sama Motulu of Kie, Chief George Gobina Mekako of Lower Bosumbu, Chief Priso Quan of Bona Bile, Chief Nyalele Lucas Molinga of Mokundange, Chief Sam Luma of Limbola, Chief Efoe Esuka of Lower Bwando, Chief Motia Mathias Motia of Livanda and Chief Kinge Victor Mosuka.

The President of the Limbe Chiefs Conference tells that their action was far from being politically motivated. "It is not because it is Fru Ndi. If the key had been handed to the governor or any top official by the Paramount Chief-elect,  we would have reacted in a similar manner. Until such a time when he would have been enthroned, he has no mandate to perform such an act."

The Mayors, Councillors and some CPDM officials in Limbe had also demanded an apology from John Elufa Manga Williams.


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