Cameroon: Rival CPDM factions in fierce political battle over Limbe City Council top job

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Limbe - 17-Nov-2021 - 11h19   3097                      
Limbe City Council Atia Azohnwi
Following the August renewal of basic organs of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), tensions between party members in Limbe have reached palpitating proportions.

Limbe has been engulfed in a fierce political power tussle with plots being hatched to destabilize the city mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, and some of his allies who before now got political protection from Hon. Monjoa Emilia Lifaka of blessed memory.
In a desperate attempt to calm the stormy rocking the CPDM boat in Limbe, Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux, Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Fako has waded in.

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021, Engamba convened City Councillors of the Limbe City Council, the three mayors of the respective subdivisional councils along with the Divisional Officers of the same jurisdictions as well as the two deputy City Mayors of Limbe.
Meeting at the Boardroom of the Limbe City Council, the SDO warned against calculated attempts to jeopardize the peace that Limbe has since enjoyed.

In delivering his carefully crafted riot act, Engamba said the rancorous atmosphere bedeviling the CPDM party appears to be aimed at destabilizing the City Mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, and his aides.

The SDO said echoes that some City Councillors are spoiling to convene an extraordinary session of the Limbe City Council in the absence of the City Mayor, who is on sick leave, has reached Yaounde.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Fako said Tuesday’s meeting was convened at the behest of his hierarchy in Yaoundé.
Engamba warned that any attempts to perturb the social peace in Limbe ahead of the January and February Africa Football Cup of Nations (AFCON) will meet with the heavy arm of the law.

“Limbe has been engulfed in fierce political battles before and after the CPDM reorganization exercise. The main area of contention was in Fako IA were the Mayor of the Limbe I Council, Mbwaye Eposi Florence mounted a spirited fight to unseat the incumbent WCPDM president, Njanjo Eposi Williams,” The SUN reported.

“The mayor lost woefully – a defeat, she took bitterly blaming the outcome on the tacit support Njanjo received from the city mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, and one of his deputies Kountchou Emmanuel. The build-up to the reorganization was characterized by a lot of mudslinging and bitter exchanges,” the Limbe-based newspaper reported.

It furthers that: “Less than two weeks after the proclamation of results an extraordinary session of the Limbe I council stripped Njanjo of her city councillorship. However recent happenings at the LCC since the city mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba went on sick leave, have boiled over and overflowed for the public to notice what has been smoldering for a long time.

“The first deputy mayor, Mme Karen Tanga epse Wouapit tried to force her way to become the acting city mayor. Unable to take over the reign of the council, she let go of her anger and frustration on the secretary-general, Kinge Thompson Molonge accusing him of many unproven wrongdoings.

“The mayor of Limbe III, Barrister Nseke Luma Dibotti is also one of Motanga’s allies being targeted though for now, he has a firm grip over a very large majority of councilors.

“The most recent plot being masterminded by some City Councillors of Limbe I and Limbe II wherein they are asking councilors to sign a document to force the city mayor to convene an extraordinary session purportedly for the regularisation of their allowances as per the minister of decentralization and local development, MINDELVEL’s circular of August 2021 has been uncovered as a plot to unseat Motanga Andrew Monjimba as city mayor.

“Some city councilors have already signed disclaimers withdrawing their signatures. Others we hear boldly refused to sign the disclaimer.”

The SUN reports that the political ambitions of Karen Tanga Wouapit and the plan to convene an extraordinary session of the Limbe City Council are being spearheaded by some city councilors, which is “part of a bigger plot being sponsored by some Fako elite in Limbe, Fako, and Yaounde.”

The newspaper notes that the current happenings are a fall-out following the demise of the Right Hon. Emilia Lifaka Monjowa.
“The late vice-speaker of the National Assembly and Fako permanent divisional coordinator of the CPDM had built a strong network of supporters in the Division – many of them occupying positions in the assembly, councils, and the party in Fako Division. Her opponents, when she was alive, are capitalizing on her death to unravel and ruin her supporters. It seems that some who were claiming to be with Hon. Lifaka yesterday are today going against her interest.”

“Our sources confided that the current fierce battle will not end any time soon and that the SDO’s stern warning may calm the waters for now but that the battles will resume after that and right into 2025, the year of the next municipal and legislative elections because what is happening now is to shake the configuration of Limbe and indeed Fako beyond 2025,” The SUN reported in its Wednesday issue.


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