Cameroon: Rumors of Lake Awing Gas Explosion Throw Panic Stricken Bamenda Denizens Into Palm Oil Drinking Spree

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 20-May-2018 - 00h10   12854                      
Population drinking palm oil W. Musa
The people of Bamenda, chief town of the North West region, and surrounding towns were plunged into an all night palm oil drinking exercise after news of the explosion of gas in Lake Awing, found in Santa Subdivision spread like wild fire in the dry season.

The news, whose author is not known, till now described as ‘fake’ was circulated around 3am on social media and just within a while got the entire town and villages in a palm oil drinking spree after friends, families made calls urging their love ones to take precautions by drinking palm oil.

The mad rush for palm oil was ecstatic and those who didn’t have had to knock doors of their neighbors for some.

Men, women and children took litres of the liquid; while others drank like beer; some simply rob on their nostrils and mouth, in an attempt to prevent suffocation from a possible gas spread from the Lake.

Locals said the incident which took place in Lake Nyos was a lesson and whether true or false, they had to take the first step by applying what could be a preventive method.

At dawn, many persons who wanted to know the truth behind the Lake Awing “gas explosion” trooped to the site located miles away from town with main road passing through GTC Santa, they discovered that the lake was still calm and fresh, contrary to what was spread on social media.

The Lake Guard told visitors that it was as calm as women of Nso dynasty maintaining that he has been all night around the Lake and has heard nothing about the explosion.

CIN got in contact with a visitor Theophilous Tume who doubles as a tourist guard and he confirmed that there was no such thing as gas explosion at the Lake.

The news of a possible gas explosion comes days after Ambazonia Activists debunked claims by Ministry of Public Health that Moneky Pox virus has been discovered in Njikwa, Momo Division and Akwaya, Manyu Division, in the North West and South West regions respectively.

The Activists say there might be an attempt by government to plant chemicals in the Lake.The government has not made any statement on these allegations.

Wilson MUSA

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