Cameroonian/Nigerian artist, O2udor breaking grounds in America

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Otudor Ene Edet Otudor alias O2udor O2udor
American singer, O2udor has been shining the light on some of the reasons why most African nations are in crisis, suffering from oppression, with thousands currently displaced from their homes and struggling to survive.

O2udor is a Cameroonian / Nigerian artist based in Washington DC. He sings, raps, and writes afro-fusion / Afro-Caribbean music with hip hop and R&B influences.

O2udor, whose real name is Otudor Ene Edet Otudor, is affectionately referred to as Cameroon's Finest.

O2udor, the son of Cameroonian and Nigerian parents who spent his early childhood in the Cameroonian city of Bamenda, sings to improve the lots of the underprivileged.

He is a Cameroonian / Nigerian Artist like no other in terms of work ethics, versatility & quality of his Art. He is a Singer, Rapper, Song Writer & a unique Performer who over the past few years has graced one of the biggest stages in the USA with his presence including but not limited to stages like The Fillmore Silver Spring, The Anthem - Washington DC, The Howard theater, etc opening for one of the biggest names in Music currently including but not limited to Burna Boy, Naza, Davido, Maître Gims, Fally Ipupa, Vegedream, and Keblack.

His undisputed versatility is displayed in a long list of different genre tracks with our top picks being his last 3 critically acclaimed singles;

* Scared of Change (Afro-Fusion):

O2udor in his most recently released single 'Scared of Change', pointed out the political ills in Cameroon as well as other African Nations from an Artistic point of view. He shines a light on some of the reasons why these nations are in crisis, suffering from oppression daily, with thousands currently displaced from their homes and struggling to survive.

He is co-founder of the US-based entertainment company XDENARII Entertainment, working in Collaboration with OMG Entertainment. With 5+ years in the industry, he still refuses to sign to any Record Labels, he is an independent Artist only open to Collaboration & Distribution deals at the moment and he is very particular about the quality of the Art he puts out, it is safe to say he is all about Quality and not Quantity.

Despite working in collaboration with OMG Entertainment (One of the most promising Cameroonian Owned Music Production household names in Maryland, USA), when asked in a recent interview why he hasn't released a huge body of work for his fans despite his access to industry -standard equipment and extremely talented producers like Yan Dollar & Master Yen he smiled and humbly replied:

 “My people have no clue what I have in stock for them. I do appreciate their patience with me and CMDGF the Album is my soon-to-be-released Studio Album and that's what I have to offer when the wait is over. ”

His music is available on all music platforms, easily accessible via the link:

Also, a quick search of O2udor provides a sneak-peek into his music efforts & lifestyle on his social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Twitter.


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