Douala Seaport: Two Ships Collide, Access Terminal Partially Blocked

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YAOUNDE - March 10 - 10-Mar-2013 - 08h30   44629                      
The weekend was quite an ugly one for the personnel of the Douala Seaport as two ships entered into collision barricading about one-third of the access terminal.
It is reported that one of the partially sank ships had been stationed at the port since 2010 when it was fined for non respect of navigation rules. For crew members to honour and pay the fine, they preferred the option of abandoning the vessel in the river Wouri. It is therefore in this river, that the abandoned ship was hit by another which wanted to duck at the Douala Seaport. Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono, Director of the port, reported to the scene immediately to appreciate the damages as soon as he was informed of the incident. He went along the 40km channel, evaluating the consequences of the collision so as to prescribe the way forward. Mr. Etoundi has instructed technicians guiding vessels to be more observant. He however affirmed that movement around the Douala Seaport is still possible as ships are entering and leaving hitch-free.
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