Houses Razed to Ashes In Njinikom, Dos Office Visited By Fire

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 08-Jul-2018 - 19h07   2997                      
Electricity and Communication has been cut off in Kom. Boyo Division in the North West region in ongoing clashes between Ambazonia fighters and Military. Houses, properties have been reduced to ashes, yet the war continuous.

The people of Kom and Njinikom, all in Boyo division in the North West region of Cameroon have been having sleepless nights since Thursday as fighting has intensified in the areas. Worst hit villages include, Atuikoni and Atuilah in Kom.

Houses were razed to ashes allegedly by Military while Ambazonia fighters stormed the Sub divisional Office in Njinikom.

Afo-a-Kom Messenger, a local online news outlet in Boyo wirtes that, “The people of Atuilah and Atukoni are the most affected following the burning down of the DOs office this weekend.”

Today, there are more Internally Displaced Persons in Kom and Njinikom than before, the local hospital; St Martin de pores has witnessed a tremendous influx of IDPs for the past weeks.

Fundong, Kom and Njinikom all in Boyo Division are today bleeding from the war but Boyo elite and political top notches have remained aloof and watched from their urban comfort zones.

Soldiers Ambushed In Kom

About four men in uniform were killed Saturday July 7, 2018 in Kom as they headed for the Fon’s palace. Ambazonia fighters caught up with them in Lain ni Lain and their bodies taken to the mortuary in Bamenda. Reinforcement came but the Security men were attacked around Boyui. It is reported that the soldiers were heading to the Fon’s palace to arrest him on his alleged role in providing, “Odeshi”, a substance believed to have mystical powers, to the fighters.

SDF Chairman Fru Ndi Visits Njinikom

The national chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Fru Ndi has on Saturday visited Njinikom to measure the temperature. He visited areas like St Martin de pores hospital and other destroyed structures. John Fru Ndi comforted the victims and promised that his party, SDF is working tirelessly to see into it that government takes its responsibilities and implement proposals of the party to come out of this impasse.

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