Senatorial: Paul Biya Butts Cavaye Yéguié, Ateba Eyene, Other Bigwigs Out of CPDM List-See full list

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Yaoundé - 15-Mar-2013 - 08h30   50375                      
Cavayé Yéguié Djibril, Speaker of the National Assembly, Charles Ateba Eyene, the charismatic and out spoken polite bureau member of the CPDM and other ‘Big Fishes’ of the party have been butted out of the final list of CPDM nominated candidates submitted to Elections Cameroon for Sunday April 14 senate elections.
A package containing the complete list of CPDM senatorial candidates was submitted to ELECAM by Grégoire Owona, Deputy Secretary General of the party Thursday March 14. However, political pundits and scientists are chewing over whether some of those bigwigs butted out of the list may be appointed among the remaining 30 senators to be appointed by the President of the Republic in accordance with section 20 of the constitution and section 214 of the electoral code. No parliamentarian features on the CPDM list of 70 candidates. According the l’Action, the party’s newspaper, it is an internal option chosen by the CPDM not to destabilize the National assembly before the expiration of mandates of Members of Parliament. Some 19 women feature on the main list while 27 others are on the awaiting list. On the list are also Mayors such as Mbella Moki Charles of Buea, Matute Daniel of Limbe, Nnemde Emmanuel of Dzeng, Mboundjo Jean of Ndélélé, Kingue Simon of Nkondjock, Abba Boukar of Mora and Okala Nicole of Mbangassina. The news that Cameroon will be holding it first senatorial elections in April came like a bomb shell through the air waves of the national radio last Wednesday February 27. The elections will be coming 17 yeas after the 1996 constitutional amendment that saw Cameroon having two separate and distinct lawmaking assemblies, the Senate as the upper house and the National Assembly as the lower house. COMPLETE LIST CPDM SENATORIAL CANDIDATES Far North Region 1- Abba Boukar 2- Faycal Mourad 3- Mme Djakao née Foutsou 4- Mohamed Ema Abdoul Karim 5- Mme Djamo 6- Mme Adamari 7- Abradakam Adamaoua Region 1- Oumarou Dika Saïdou 2- Amadou Tidjiani 3- Nana Bouba 4- Mohaman Lamine 5- Amadou Paul 6- Alioum Moussa 7- Mme Awa North West Region 1- Achidi Achu Simon 2- Asam David 3- Ndinga Ignatius 4- Mme Enoh Lafon 5- Ngwako Julius 6- Awanga Zacharia 7- Njiku Stephen West Region 1- Ngoubeyou François Xavier 2- Ndjomo Honoré 3- Kouawa Christine 4- Pokam Max 5- Samou Micheline 6- Nzognou Fossangong 7- Akwaléfo Bernadette South West Region 1- Tambe Edou Ndep 2- Ngolle Ebong 3- Antia Rebecca 4- Njifoua Lucas 5- Matouke Daniel 6- Ote Audrey Mussa 7- Bella Moukounche South Region 1- Medjo Delphine 2- Zang Oyono 3- Obam Assam 4- Mba Mba Grégoire 5- Eloumba Thérèse 6- Nanga 7- Mbita Mve Raymond Littoral Region 1- Tobbo Eyoum Thomas 2- Tjoues Geneviève 3- Din Bell Armande 4- Mbassa Din 5- Kingué Simon 6- Ebongue Jean Jules 7- Kemayou Claude Centre Region 1- Naah Ondoa Sylvestre 2- Mama Jean Marie 3- Anong Adibimé Pascal 4- Bell Luc René 5- Nicole Okala 6- Atangana Tsoungui 7- Nnemdé Emmanuel North Region 1- Youssoufa Daoua 2- Namio Pierre 3- Mme Asta Yvonne 4- Ahmadou Alim 5- Hamidou Maurice 6- Mme Adamou née Doudou 7- Bebdone Payoumi East Region 1- Ndanga Ndinga Badel 2- Amama Benjamin 3- Salé Charles 4- Ouli Ndongo Monique 5- Tokpanou Suzanne 6- Mboundjo Jean 7- Monpea Marie Claire
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