AfDB President To Make A Three-Day Official Visit To Cameroon From 15 To 18 July 2017

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Paix Travail Patrie   02017-07-15 15:21
He looks like dry fish or fish in general. Or is it just me?
Ebango   22017-07-15 14:20
In the past five years only, Cameroonians living abroad sent home about US§ 2-2.5 billion. Considering that many transfers are not captured by the formal statistical system, this could well exceed $3 billion.

In 40 years the African Development Bank has done so little in Cameroon, but captured so much in pomp and publicity. The joke continues, as they are asking international investors to give them more money for a plethora of projects and futile strategies.
Ebango   52017-07-15 14:10
Eish, some Africans love titles!

This guy is:
- President
- on Official visit
- "during his stay in Cameroon, Adesina will meet with President Paul Biya"
- "to strengthen existing ties between Cameroon"

Weeh! Instead of doing his bank's job, he is playing King with other kings. Just like Kaberuka before him. He is now a president like Biya. Yet, since its inception, the African Development Bank has provided loans and grants to Cameroon amounting to a mere US$ 2.5 billion. Peanuts! Just compare it with what the Cameroonian diaspora sent home in the past five years.

Poor Africa. Whether at home or international organizations, we have the same clique of pitiful clowns playing kings, while our resources and precious time are wasted. Le ridicule ne tue pas.
ADB Chairman ADB
The President Of The African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, Will Make An Official Visit To Yaounde, Cameroon, From 15 To 18 July 2017.

During his stay in Cameroon, Adesina will meet with President Paul Biya, key government officials and development partners.

This visit aims to strengthen existing ties between Cameroon and Africa’s premier development finance institution.

Cooperation between the Bank and the Republic of Cameroon has existed for 45 years. It began in 1972 with the construction of the Douala international airport terminal financed by the Bank.

To date, the Bank has provided loans and grants to Cameroon amounting to some US$ 2.5 billion, nearly XAF 1436 billion, to finance about 100 development projects in the areas of national and sub-regional infrastructure, agriculture, energy, water and sanitation and governance.

The ongoing operations and programs are in line with the Bank’s ten-year strategy (2013-2022) and its High5 priorities: Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialise Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.

A release from the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic indicates that the AfDB president will be visiting the Lom Panger Dam after reception by Prime minister Philemon Yang.

His visit to Cameroon comes at the time when the country has recently  been involved in massive borrowing to finance some development projects. The recent case is the loan of over 400 billion from the Internation Monetry Fund,IMF,  a loan which has raised dusts in not only the ability to refund also the numerous debts owed by a regime which has continued to fail in the face of looming economic crisis.


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