African cotton consortium advocates mechanization to ameliorate output

Par Nouridin MELO | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 10-Aug-2017   4517
The use of mechanization and related practices in the growing of seed cotton is necessary to improving yields, according to the African Cotton Association (ACA).

ACA made the recommendation at the end of its meeting in Garoua, in the north of Cameroon.

Taking stock of the current socio-economic situation characterized by climatic risks and other endogenous and exogenous factors exerting a real influence on production, stakeholders in the cotton industry have resolved to reverse the trend.

Their meeting which aimed to find ways and means of improving cotton productivity across the continent was held under the theme "Sustainable motorization of agriculture in the African cotton zone: challenges, opportunities and prospects”.

ACA Executive Secretary Fahala Achamou Adeyemi quoting specialists, lamented the fact that “rudimentary farming practices are still widespread in many African countries with yields not surpassing 1000 kg per hectare”.

With these conditions of production, it is difficult for African countries to come to terms with the stiff competition they’re facing on the global market, Adeyemi observed.

In a bid to reverse this trend, the ACA experts examined all ramifications, from the technology currently in use to the costs of equipment and their financing.

ACA which was created on September 19, 2002, brings together African cotton professionals to defend their interests at international level and promote the exchange of experiences among African cotton firms over agronomics, industrialization and commercialization.

Nouridin MELO
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