Cameroon - Centre Region: Three die in Well Cleaning Exercise in Makenene

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Ces puits ouverts sont tres dangereux.
Les gens ne s'en rendent pas compte.
La premiere cause c'est souvent le manque d'oxygene.
La seule facon de se proteger serait alors de descendre avec un gas un masque d'oxygene attache a un resevoir sur le dos.
Les feuilles qui tombent dans le puits se decomposent en degageant des gaz.
Generalement ces gaz ne tuent pas, mais deplace le peu d'oxygene qui atteint le fond du puits.
Mort presque certaine apres seulemuelques minute.

Solution un peu couteuse pour le camerounais, , creer des puita fermes d'ou l'eau est pompee.
Seuls les experts doivent descendre dans le puits
Well W. Musa
The men have died in Makenene, a sub division in Mbam and Inoubou division Centre region after falling in Well they were digging.

The three, Nyandja Dieudedort,41, T5agne Fanga,28 and Nana Merim,34, were cleaning a Well after heavy down pour but suddenly 34 year old Nana Merim fell into the Well and efforts made by the remaining two to save him failed. They dived into the 10metres Well but also got downed.

Consternation and shock gripped the people of Makenene as the bodies of the three were retrieved from the Well.

The Divisional Officer of the area Joel Elanga Eteme has held a crisis meeting in his office to calm the situation.

There are wagging tongues already suspecting a mystical maneuver.  

Wilson MUSA
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