Cameroon - Crisis in Bamenda: Doors of Radio Hot Cocoa FM 94.0 Sealed

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
DOUALA - 11-Jan-2017   45445 5
ECCLESIASTES   52017-01-11 11:02
Almost saw it coming...

The next move of this decaying regime will probably be to silence all 'dissident' media outlets every where in the country. Everything so far has been going like under a standard military dictatorship. I hope to be proved wrong.
Bernardint   62017-01-11 10:59
Grandes manoeuvres par pauvres sires !

Brothers, don't give up, 'cause we can make it.
Adama   112017-01-11 10:22
Ce sont des actes autocratiques de ce genre qui radicalisent davantage les revendications.

Vive le peuple Anglophone !
Vive le Cameroun libre et ses dix régions autonomes !
Prince Dollar   92017-01-11 09:01
in the near future there will be no DO, no SDO and no colonial Governor. The people shall be free.
Ndokoti   82017-01-11 06:53
Biya, Keep on poking the bear. This senile does not understand or fathom the consequences of his attitude towards valid concerns
The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam in the North West Region, Songa Pierre accompanied by his close collaborators Tuesday has sealed the doors of a Bamenda based popular radio, Hot Cocoa FM 94.0.

The seal which took place around 4: 30PM indicated that the decision is a temporal suspension of the radio from going on air due to what they described as unethical practice in the morning program called the ‘Biggest Breakfast Show’ BBS anchored by Kiven Brenda and Mbaku Jude.

According to the regional order brandished on the seal letter, the interactive program has been helping to fuel the existing crisis in Bamenda.

According to the Presenters they received several calls from anonymous callers after last Fridays edition threatening that the station will be closed down. The program did not go on air Monday and Tuesday.

At the time of closure the Pidgin News presented by Peter Tebid Chai was going on. Technicians and Journalists were asked to move out before the seal.

The Station Manager Gideon Taka, who is just from taking over functions from Omar Songwe, has reportedly called the President of the National Communication Council, Peter Essoka who has also said he will look into the issue this Wednesday. However journalists of Hot Cocoa Radio who also work for Horizon Television which shares same building with the Radio have been going in and out of the premises since Horizon television was not sealed. 

Wilson MUSA
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