Cameroon - Judiciary: Cameroonian Military Court Convicts Journalist Ahmed Abba Of Terrorism Charges

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
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Chesco002   02017-04-23 12:08
Go on this site

And read this article: ``Assad: quand les terroristes reculent, l’Occident leur vient en aide``
Chesco002   02017-04-23 11:59
Beware of RFI, CNN, BBC, etc, those high audience media. They are the full supporters of terrorists and terrorism in the world.

After a bomb blast an any place of the world, they are the ones saying it is ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nostra, Boko Haram, Al shabab, etc. How come they are always informed tso timely on the deeds and plans of those organisations ?

It is because they work together and have the same agenda. Even the secret services of those countries work hand in hand with terrorists on the battlefields

One of their agents has been caught in Cameroon. Let this so called ``Journalist Ahmed Abba `` be punished
Man Tara   22017-04-22 22:47
" How could you possibly say on the one hand that you do not interact with peeps that insult you"

Insults for insults. Copy the post where I said I do not interact with people who insult me???
Nitwit, coward children molesters

I can insult all the terrorists and their brothers.
That's precisely what makes you mad. Insults do not bother me , nitwit. None of your insults come close to describing me. Like escargot. Hahahaha.

My insults are more powerful than your, because descriptive and accurate.
Terrorists are nitwits, Anglos or Boko Haram.
Because without terrorism, they cannot eat.
Man Tara   02017-04-22 22:33

"I will repeat that the real Terrorist in La Republique du Cameroun ( LRC ) are the men in uniforms. "

I see great master repeater.
If you repeat, it's in the bible.

The your logic has no equal. Only people who smoke what you smoke know that
Man Tara   42017-04-22 22:27

You say:

" The accused was found guilty and acquitted on various charges based on evidence. Exactly, why should he be released? Can anyone tell me exactly why this gentleman should be released? Is it because RFI said so, or is it because as some say Biya must go, or again because Biya has been in power for 35 years?"

If you have not noticed, all the posters on this article, are the "anglos terrorists"
Except for you, Africain and I the are in force defending other terrorists.

Theyhave very high standards, killing kids and terrorizing every one who do not abide by their terrorist intimidation.
They have run most people out of this forum. To create a beni-oui-oui forum
And they are furious that I cannot be intimidated.

No certainly Man tara will not be intimidated.
As a matter of fact, even if by miracle The President made the mistake to cede anynpart of Cameroon to terrorists, the later will hear from me. PERSONALLY
I'm sure there must be some officers who lost their comrades at Bakassi who will get furious
Paix Travail Patrie   12017-04-22 16:42
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Pablopic   52017-04-22 09:23
For RFI and its stooges to demand the release of this so-called journalist is simply outrageous and ridiculous. This individual went through due process of laws passed by the parliament and promulgated by the Executive. He had adequate legal representation. He was put through military tribunal in conformity with legal proceedings in a sovereign state that is fighting an asymmetric war against a very strange and mysterious group. The accused was found guilty and acquitted on various charges based on evidence. Exactly, why should he be released? Can anyone tell me exactly why this gentleman should be released? Is it because RFI said so, or is it because as some say Biya must go, or again because Biya has been in power for 35 years? Please are those bases for releasing convicted terrorists, their collaborators and supporters? One down, many more to go!

On another note, RFI says that Boko Haram is constituted by people living originally in extreme poverty who were swayed to join the fight for better conditions of life for themselves because the government neglected to develop and educate them and their region. Where do these uneducated and poor people find money and resources to purchase all the sophisticated weaponry they use on the battle fields? How can uneducated people learn to use and to manufacture bombs and explosives and to handle sophisticated weapons? Who is training and arming Boko Haram ? The answer is, RFI and its allied and financiers from nebulous corners all over the world. They are the same people who shamelessly and hypocritically ask for the liberation of one of their convicted stooges. It is not going to happen. He is going to be executed! ON VA LE PENDRE HAUT ET COURT. Just stop funding and arming BH and everyone would be happy and free.
Paix Travail Patrie   22017-04-22 08:38
Lui il est dans de sals draps.
Africain   22017-04-22 07:49
There's something more far than what we do not know behind this story .
The Government has all his reason to arrest this man . We all know that when it comes to the Terrorist channels like RFI , CNN , BBC etc .. we really have to be very careful specialy at the times whereby the Country is facing harsh situations like these .
We are all out from what we should know but that the Government is aware off . The Government is on the scene but we are not .

I do not trust everything that comes abroad , specially from France .
Messassi   02017-04-22 06:32
Read: I am assuming
Messassi   212017-04-22 06:12
Who on Mother Earth told you that I was expecting a reply from you ? I was just pointing out your nonsense! How could you possibly say on the one hand that you do not interact with peeps that insult you because of your opinions while on the other hand you call people names just because you do not agree with them? Does it make sense to you by any means? I am assume the answer is "yes", giving your standards, hence all the names calling you get on this site because of the inabilities your retarded mind has shown to process basic logical thoughts.

Hahahahahaha! @Man Taré, on t'a fait ça au village?
Man Tara16    22017-04-22 02:10
Your Posts are non responsive.
Man Tara a parle
Lamontagne   192017-04-22 00:47
Apres toutes ces pertes en matériel et humain, dans la guerre contre Boko Haram,donc c'est le seul terroriste que le Cameroon a pu capturer pour être jugé. Ils ont laissé des villages vides fantômes,lis ont détruits les activités à Maroua et à Garoua les gens vivent dans un climat de peur.

Cette histoire de Boko haram a commencé à me dépasser, surtout quand on sait que l'état avait négocié avec les éléments du groupe pour faire libérer les otages français et camerounais,non seulement ils avaient reçu des centaines des millions ils ont aussi réussi à faire libérer certains de leurs camarades qui étaient détenus par YDE...
Vraiment je souhaite que Buhari et Biya gagnent la guerre contre Boko haram, mais je veux aussi voir du sérieux, ce procès m'est l'air d'un show up.
Messassi   292017-04-21 23:08
@Man Taré,


Dans un autre forum, quelqu'un a dit que tu avais une cervelle d'escargot, ce qui t'a évidemment mis dans tous tes états, et ici tu traites des forumistes de monkeys, et tu ajoutes "screw you " ! "Mbongochobi my butts" Ewww! What a nasty little old man you are!! Hahahahaha!

Puisque tu as renvoyé "cervelle d'escargot" à @Bernardint , puis-je donc conclure ici que @Man Taré est un monkey who deserves to be screwed ? Combien de neurones a Man Taré! Hahaha! Ici à CIN, les insultes, soit tu les ignores soit tu y réponds, tu ne peux pas prétendre rester sur ton piédestal et en même temps donner des coups bas! Hahaha!

Ñyu mebala, ñyamoro, n'oublie plus tes médicaments! Mebala mene mbeung! Ça va te calmer!
Le Patriot   42017-04-21 21:45
Une vidoe du Cameroun que je vous encourage a regarder et au besoin a partager surtout pour la nouvelle generation..C'est assez "pitiant"ce que Paul Biya a fait de ce joyau..
Mbongochobi   332017-04-21 21:06
@ Man Tara

Mon gars , tu fumes quoi ?
Stop smoking weeds for its dangerous for your frail health

I will repeat that the real Terrorist in La Republique du Cameroun ( LRC ) are the men in uniforms. They had been receiving the bulk of the salaries in LRC, more than medical doctors and even University lecturers, but their only contribution to the GDP of the country is doing that utmost best that KIM JUNG BIYA remains in power for ever.

Why is it that dictator KIM JUNG BIYA had never attended a graduation ceremony of Medical Doctors or even teachers graduating from ENS in Yaounde, nbut had made it a point of honour each year to be present when students are graduating from EMIA ? So his priorities are with the Men in Uniforms while some teachers had not receive salaries for more than 50. months and the Doctors are crying of very difficult working conditions.

In which Democracy can we see civilians being judged in a Military tribunal, and worst still, this guy Ahmed Abba is a Journalist. Did they catch him with some amunitions or him aiding and abaiting Boko Haram propaganda ?
The true terrorist in this banana Republique called LRC are the men in uniforms.
Rounka   272017-04-21 20:15
" i trust and love my country"
Really ? for a normal person , it is impossible to trust and love one thing and its opposite ; how can somebody love and trust a country and at the same time love and trust the same people who are doing nothing but destroying the same country for more than 35 years ??? please let not get confused between the country and the corrupted clan than oppressing the majority of the citizens of this country

" it CAMEROUN) has its faults but it does not go aroud murdering villagers for fun"
Unfortunately it does ; remember the innocent people that were locked up by hundred in the cell and the next day none of them was alive ; and in another village hundred of people were massacred ; so let not spread lies

"Cameroon is a legitimate country"

Please ! a country where the so called president is the first one who violate the constitution ? this reporter was doing his job ; which is to report the news ; he is not the agent of the government who is paid to identify the BOKO HARAM he should be arrested for not reporting the BOKO HARAM agent to government

The terrorist is a person who terrorise people by all means ; and the tribal militia of the regime is terrorizing cameroonians more than one can imagine ; so yes the real terrorists are the militia(armed forces) of Cameroon
Sphere   322017-04-21 20:06
Man Tara prend tes cachets .
Man Tara31    92017-04-21 18:36

Est-ce que tu as jamais mange le vrai "mbongo chobi" toi. Mbongchobi my butts.
Why don't you people and your "ONG" just cancel the entire cameroon and install your own Boko Haram kalifat and whatever you call Zombizonia. as legitimat terrorist state and beheading, women slavery and suicide bombers and tribal count settling on every street.
I say screw you.
I trust and love my country. It has its faults, but it does not go around murdering villagers for fun.
He had a trial, with evidence presented, he got convicted. Monkeys like you and your ONG's or UN, should allow the legal process, like in avery legitimate country run its course.
Yes Monkey, Cameroon is a legitimate country, with e legally counstitated court.
Boko Haram is not.
Why don't you go and say those things to Abubakar-what-his-face-is.
Then come back and tell us his reaction, Monkey.
Or go to Agbor you "fugitive president", child molester-killer, that he is "the real terrorist"
I bet you will never see your beloved keyboard again, 1d1ot. Ever
Mbongochobi 23    232017-04-21 12:26
The real terrorist in LRC are the clowns calling themselves Military judges. They are not better than the Boko Haram militants.
Ahmed Abba, le correspondant de RFI au Cameroun via Facebook profile
A military court in Cameroon Thursday convicted Ahmed Abba, a journalist for Radio France International’s Hausa service, on charges of "non-denunciation of terrorism" and "laundering of the proceeds of terrorist acts," according to his lawyer and RFI.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ, has called on Cameroonian authorities not to contest the journalist's appeal and to release him without delay.

Abba's lawyer, Clément Nakong, told CPJ that Abba who has been jailed since July 2015 in relation to his reporting on the extremist group Boko Haram, could face the death penalty on the first charge and a maximum of five years in prison on the second charge at a sentencing hearing scheduled for April 24.

Nakong said Abba would appeal the conviction after the sentencing hearing. RFI reported that the military tribunal acquitted the journalist of the charge of "apologizing for acts of terrorism."

A statement published on its website reads, “The military court's conviction of Cameroonian radio journalist Ahmed Abba on terrorism charges that could carry the death penalty is an outrage," CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney said. "Covering terrorism as a reporter must not be equated with committing acts of terror. Each day Abba spends behind bars is a travesty of justice."

By Wilson MUSA

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