Cameroon - May 20 Parade: Governor Okalia Bilai on Offensive

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
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Man Tara   02017-05-20 02:26
In this picture, the Guy has the big ring on his finger.
If he were american, one would think he is a football star.
I forgot how they call those rings.
Oh, just "football ring".
Thank you google.
FirstOctober1961   52017-05-18 15:43
May 20 is the day La Republique annexed Southern Cameroons.
Southern Cameroonians will be stupid to be celebrating the date of their demise.

There will be no celebration of May 20 in Southern Cameroonian territory.
The colonial administration of La Republique has to be expelled from Southern Cameroons.
Mbongochobi    62017-05-18 14:54
National day for My foot.

Rather call it Dictator KIM JUNG BIYA'S day. The day we small see thé largest posters of our supreme Dictator's effigy in display.

Why is it that LRC never celebrate its national heros who fought for thé independence of their country ? Did thé history of LRC started with thé ascension of suprême Dictator KIM JUNG BIYA to power in 1984?

To make this day a very successful one in Southern Cameroons, we know thé colonial governor okalia Bilia world hesitate To use thé "winning strategy " of 11 Febuary 2017:
- by emptying thé prisons in Buea and its
- the CDC worker world be forced To take
Participate or will lose their kind.
- thé police students at Mutengene would
Impersonate the UB students.
- Paid students would be feried from
Douala To make thé Event look hectic.

And dont Forget that our weired CRTV would always be there to Photoshop those old good images of yesteryears to keep thé audience awake.

Celebration of national Unity should not be by force or coersion. This should be spontenous. And if part of thé populations doesnt want To be part of this mascarade called 20th May National Day, no reason for the colonial governor To thé to force things and pretend that all la fine.

The Anglophones of Southern Cameroons had come of age.
Bih   102017-05-18 10:50
National day, what makes it national day?
One leader decided to carry out over the people of west Cameroon with a oui or yes referendum to make Cameroon a French plantation and you call it national day.
We know this in west Cameroon as a fraud, a process of annexation, now colonial governors using state power to attack innocent civilians and call it national day for unity. What is unity? Marginalization, terrorizing, brutality, economic asphyxiation, forced Francophonization, systematic destruction of the educational and legal system etc Unity is not imposed by decree.
Where is the colonial governor from? Maybe ENAM?
The place where ethnofascist are trained to corrupt and destroy Cameroon.
The unity that went from Federal Republic to United Republic to now Republic is fraud known as annexation, black on Black colonization!
Bernard Okalia Bilai, South-West Governor W. Musa
South West Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai has maintained that celebrations marking the 45th edition of Unity Day will hold hitch free in his region no matter pressure mounted by “extremists”.

The firebrand governor was speaking at the Conference hall of his office Wednesday May 17, 2017. He instructed his close collaborators to put all in place security wise to see into it that May 20 parade records success.

Mr Okalia Bilai said all is set to bring the people of the South West region together for the event on Saturday.

The Mayor of Buea, Patrick EKEMA Esunge who took part in the meeting told reporters that bringing people together is not a difficult task and that those who are calling for boycott of the activities will not succeed.

Messages have gone viral on social media and anonymous texts calling for a boycott of the event. The so called “extremists” base their argument on the ongoing crisis in the two English speaking regions which the government according to them has failed to resolve the issue.

Wilson MUSA
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