Cameroon - North West: Five Classrooms Burnt Down In Bamenda on Eve of GCE Practical

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Man Tara   02017-05-17 05:25

That's another distortion of my thinking. And quite a mis-characterization of how the world works.
This is not about my beliefs.
I may believe that you are a beautiful woman, but believe me I would not act on that belief.My beliefs or yours are not actionable.
This iis one major principle courts around the world work on.
"Major statements require major proof"
In short, anglophones have not made their case in any venues.
-to Cameroonians
-to any courts
-or in front of Al Jeseera,
"The pain is in the shoes" doesn't cut it.

Your beautiful philosophical statement is not an workable principle in the real world

"I know that found the murder weapon, but the absence of proof does not mean that I don't have that weapon. " No court will accept that.
But you people want to drag my country in a war with that kind of principles? And you have so many of those.
Case dismissed.
No sufficient evidence
Man Tara   02017-05-17 05:21

Quite a mouthfull.

So I'm just gonna pick one or two points:
//used'' without saying by who ( because one of the ''striking teachers'' say so)//

Either you are a fraud or your good faith is very doubtful.
I have never said that i think you're being used because one of theteachers on strike sais so. There is no "because".

I'm going to repeat my answer:

//2/ Are you being used? Clearly. And I think I'm not the first person to feel you guys are being used.
One of the striking teachers said that.//

Where is teh because you fraudulently added? There is quite a difference, between you distorsion of my words and what I said. Never meant that, my believe stem fro the teacher's declaration.

I just meant, "guys (oops you don't like guys). People on your side believe that ALSO beielve you are being used by the Jhonpapa.. wahtever and secessionists-oil-monsters-bamenda-tribalists
You knew waht I meant, burt just trying to play dumb

" It is funny how you think if you are not convinced then it doesn't exist as if to say absence of proof is always proof of absence"

to be continued
Muana Oli   02017-05-16 11:46
Hum des salles de classes d'une école PRIMAIRE brulés, pourtant les épreuves se déroulent dans des établissements secondaires, même si souvent le surplus de candidats est souvent reparti dans des établissements primaires. Bizarre ca, s'ils voulaient vraiment nuire ils auraient directement attaqué les bâtiments des établissements secondaire. Effectivement ca a l'air d'un avertissement mais de la part de qui? C'est pas très logique tout ca...
Toby   22017-05-16 07:29
@ Man Tara
Your attempt to ''go through my answer'' is laughable.
Me saying ''I am not an either or guy'' simply means I am a person who sees the grey area in issues not just the black and/or white areas. It has nothing to do with my gender. To put it in the context of this article, it means I am a person who lives through the marginalization but doesn't see violence as a solution. Saying ''you are being used'' without saying by who ( because one of the ''striking teachers'' say so) is the same as me saying to are citing with the government because someone say so even though I have no proof. If you say there is no anglophone problem then what have you been ''following for the past fifteen years''? It is funny how you think if you are not convinced then it doesn't exist as if to say absence of proof is always proof of absence. Why some anglophones are hostile towards some franchophones ( which is wrong) is because some franchophones lack empathy. I am not saying you are a franchophone; you can be a cyberbot for all I care.
Man Tara   42017-05-15 21:26
I have been following the situation for at least over 15 years. Not one anglophone has made a compelling case of marginalization.
The best argument so far is that they should be the only to judge. because "the pain is in the shoe".
Just as if the anglophones are the first people to feel the pain of marginalization.
People have established courts to make it possible for victims of anything to establish the harm.
No court works under the principle that "i feel it, therefore it's a fact".
"He looked at me cock-eyed, he harmed me, therefore he owes me money"
I'm the court here (never been involved in marginalization).
Man Tara   22017-05-15 21:14
//Man Tara
I am being used by who? I am not an either or guy. I am an Anglophone who lives through the marginalization //

I'm gonna go through your answer.

1/ your gender is totally irrelevent in this matter. As a matter of fact wars today do not excludewomen.

2/ Are you being used? Clearly. And I think I'm not the first person to feel you guys are being used.
One of the striking teachers said that.

3/ evidence of foul play is everywhere. It is clear that the secessionists use everything they can lay their hands on.
It's started as a request to translate some convention I think. The text was translated over night. The situation got just worse not better.

4/This anglophone has never been define. Frustration is not a cause of war. If you want to start a war because someone called somebody "my bamenda", we can all understand that the cause is fake.

5/ the very tale of "marginalization" is bogus.
When your "leader" (this fellow who calls himself ohnpapapapa ) was on the run, the first thing he did was to cal Al Jezeera. The first question they asked him at Al Jezeera was to give ONE CONCRETE example of marginalization. He could not find one.
After he was pressed many time he said the anglophones have not have a president (hahaha out of 2?).

a suivre
Toby   62017-05-15 18:50
Man Tara
I am being used by who? I am not an either or guy. I am an Anglophone who lives through the marginalization but believes violence and destruction is not the answer. Name one situation in world's history where war has been a solution to a crisis. People get angry, go to war then come to the discussion table and find a solution after the destruction. That is why I used the quote '' Wise people learn from their mistakes ( what did we learn from the 1990s) but great people learn from the mistakes of .others''. If you think me trying to say ''Stop to destruction'' is being used then I accept to be used
Nyambarindon10    102017-05-15 18:33
Burning down of classrooms. Clearly "boko haram" behaviours

When authors of such barbaric and beyond understanding acts will be caught,in order to face courts,who will come here and ask for their release?
Sacho   102017-05-15 17:04
When the Government fails to honour it's obligation to listen to the people and instead tries to force it's own agenda to the people the result is always chaos. When the government blocks justice by interfering in every spheres the result is always chaos. If you want to blame anyone look at the root causes and not the consequences. The root cause is Kim Jong Biya forcing his agenda on people who have been treated as slaves and second class citizens for 56 years. The root cause is the continuous killing and detention of Southern Cameroonians in LA republique jails without fair trial. The root cause is suppression of free speach and right to peaceful demonstration. Just look at the manner in which the Government is responding to the demonstration that is supposed to be organized by Medical Doctors and you will understand what I mean. So those of you who are quick to look at the consequences and ignorantly ignoring the root causes are just demonstrating your lack of basic understanding of conflict management.
Man Tara13    22017-05-15 16:27

You are being used. Grow up.
So you don't like the methods huh?
Wait until the government give you tour independence and your saviors drop their mask
Good people use good methods for good purpose.
Bad people use any methods to commit crimes.
Put that in your calendar
Man Tara12    52017-05-15 16:15

Isn't that the use of internet you were claiming to be the tool of progress?
How does it help their cause?
You guys are so naive. Their cause is to bring West Cameroon back to pre-colonial time, when hatred ruled the land. When every sub-tribe could erupt in the neighbors village and slaughter everything alive.
And they want the entire country to go with them.
Hence, no education for the children. A la Boko Haram
Toby   142017-05-15 16:02
As an Anglophone Cameroon who knows the level of marginalization we are facing, I strongly disagree with violence. Apart from the legitimate complaints of the teachers and lawyers which sparked this situation, we have infrastructural problems and burning down already existing schools is not a means of building our community. Not even an SCNC member can argue that point. Because the real SCNC members believe in the motto '' force of argument and not the argument of force''. Do I think it is OK to make the students write the GCE given that the school year has been a failure? NO. People should have continue with the peaceful sit-ins ( ghost towns) and let the government take this to its logical end which is nowhere. The fact they are calling for in-situ registration shows that they know parents didn't register their children and also that the figure of registered candidates posted by the government is fake. If they had any figure close to that figure and they were certain that the number will show up to write, they wont be calling for in-situ registrations.
Anyone who thinks they have reason to be against writing of the GCE, convince the people with words; violence begets violence. Wise people learn from their mistakes but great people learn from the mistakes of others.
Man Tara12    52017-05-15 15:57

Arson has never been associated with bravery.
Then again, you burn the wrong buildings. Your guys could as well have burned some ant hills for show.
From your cowardice exile your evil has no power. You have nooo constituents
Cameroon goes on
Action12    162017-05-15 14:31
Even in a democracy like the US, we see such acts happening. The Cameroonian government is to blame for pushing people to this radical state. I don't tolerate violence against people or property but I can understand that such things happen when a problem is not solved. Shame to the government. What is so difficult in releasing those innocent leaders. They still haven't understood that the people of West Cameroon have a different culture and will not stop at ANYTHING if those leaders are not released. as simple as that. Why are they not judged? Why do they keep on adjourning the case? sad for this country. This Biya government is showing its limits in resolving any issue, be it the Anglophone problem or the current strike by the medical personnel. What happened tot he Eséka investigation?
Shey10    142017-05-15 14:26
I am heavily disappointed with the burning of schools,
Lericheamerifricain10    162017-05-15 14:24

How does this help the cause of the people of North West and South West?
Sphere11    122017-05-15 14:02
je ne pense pas que ce soit cela la solution.

ca c'est juste de l'ensauvachement pur et simple.

le respect des droits des non grevistes devrait etre respecté tout comme celui des grevistes.
Ricky13    122017-05-15 13:42
Vraiment rien que des laches ces Ambazoniens. Le GCE se déroule sans la moindre anicroche dans les établissements secondaires et eux ils vont bruler une école primaire. Après ils viendront aboyer sur CIN.
Johnpapapapa 19    162017-05-15 13:30
Congrats. Those brave heroes have done a very very good job. We are waiting to hear from other heroes. ALL THOSE EXAMS CENTER MUST BE BURN DOWN.
Ghost town welcomes GCE candidates W. Musa
Some 5 classrooms of the government Primary school Atuakom in Bamenda, North West region have been ravaged by wild flames which began around 3 am Monday May 15, 2017.

Surrounding residents say some unidentified men carried the act and vanished before security could be alerted.

The school which is a product of the Japan-Cameroon relations was constructed in 2014.

Fire fighters arrived the scene early Monday accompanied by Police with Water Canon, they both succeeded to quench the flames.

Investigations have been opened.

Warning To GCE Candidates?

Observers are panicking over the security of students as thgey embark on the practical part of GCE this Monday. Many belief it is a warning signal by activists who are against the writing of GCE this year.

Special Centers have been created and candidates who did not register will be kept in these centers as prescribed by Secondary Education Minister Jean Ernest Ngale Bibehe.

Ghost town welcome GCE candidates as towns have remained dry this morning.

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