Cameroon: Rigobert Song Envisages A Thank You Tour to North West and South West Regions

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
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Bigam   132017-04-05 14:15
Il devrait déjà se concentrer pour guérir
Ace rythme le 2eme fatal avc n'est plus loin
Chikungunya-boy   142017-04-05 14:04
Si cette nouvelle se confirme se serait terrible.

Song va donc être l'un des chargé de missions périlleuses de Biya dans un cameroun qui pue de plus en plus l'instabilité ? Il va donc devenir le véritable ambassadeur itinérant du régime?

Quid de sa santé? On sait qu'un 1er AVC peut en provoquer d'autres à court ou long terme. La sérénité, le calme et le repos sont incontournables.
Donc le gars veut reprendre le coaching avec ce que ça comporte d'émotions fortes, de stress, d'accès de colère, etc..........Et comme si cela ne suffisait pas aller se présenter avec l'étiquette de chouchou de Biya aux anglophones qui sont désormais dans la haine de la république?

Mon frère Magnang bonne chance! Que Dieu soit avec toi
Joniwaka   212017-04-05 11:58
@Finesse, Many thanks for your prompt intervention. Not only NW & SW do not need a Song's caravan to say thank you, the others also do not want it.
Lizza   242017-04-05 11:33
Voila la recuperation politique qui commence!
Manian je wanda sur toi hein,après un AVC,les victimes deviennent sage et très discret,mais toi tu te laisse utiliser comme un enfant
Finesse   302017-04-05 11:17
Another joke I guess. Song we are glad you are well again and have the chance to move on with your life. A press conference thanking Cameroonians for their prayers. That should have been enough. Any other development is pure disrespect for Cameroonians. Leave the fanfare and champagne tossing private with your friends and family.

Not every Cameroonian has the chance to be evacuated using state funds. As a national hero , this is the blessings you deserved. Do not rub it in the faces of millions of Cameroonians who will never have this opportunity.

Leave it here please. The North West and South West do not need a caravan to say thank you. Please do not shop on the predicament of these people for your private aggrandizement or for any political posturing. You have never come out to address their plight over the past 6 months of the perilous living conditions in these areas. Do not rub salt on their wounds!
Rigobert Song de retour a Yaounde Capture d'ecran
Former Indomitable Lions Captain and present Head coach of the auxiliary Lions, Rigobert Song Bahanag has expressed his wish to visit the two English Speaking regions of Cameroon and thank them for praying towards his healing.

This information made public Tuesday April 4, 2017 by the State Media stated that he could embark on the journey anytime soon.

The Caravan of Rigobert Song will be the second to visit the region in less than two months after that of the Indomitable Lions toured the two English speaking regions during presentation of the 2017 AFCON trophy.

However Song’s planned trip to North West and South West regions is seen by observers as manipulation of the masses and a government strategy to calm down rising anger in the regions as the stalemate continues with ghost towns now order of the day.

Observers also hold that if Song want to thank Cameroonians, then he should make tour in all ten regions rather than focusing on the two English speaking regions. Social media has been flooded with divers reactions with many accusing the  government of making political gain out of the sickness of Song, others say Song himself by thanking Paul Biya and Wife was indirectly telling Cameroonians that he owes his healing to the two.

The announcement came as the man known to have fought a Celebro-Vascular attack made a thanks giving service at the Wada Sports Complex in the Centre region.

The thanks giving service follows his visit to the Yaoundé emergency center where he had preliminary treatment before being taken abroad to prompt medical attention.

Rigobert Song arrived Cameroon from France on April 1, 2917, Six months after the attack.

By Wilson MUSA

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