Cameroon: Two Schools Gutted By Fire in Fako

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
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Stoph   02017-06-21 11:56
Whatever motivates or incites us to stand up to the govt does not permit language like...lets kill the frogs. We have genuine reasons to resist the govt which exclude killing anybody esp. Frogs as written by Ambombo. I believe you are against our resistance for instead of calling for support to the cause you are helping to alienate. As we condemn francophones whose language doesnt help our struggle, we equally condemn yours. Except some of you hatched other interests inside the general struggle, we are against institutional maginalsation of anglophones, the disregard of the 1961 Federal accords and not against francophones. If you are for this struggle, avoid people whose comments push you to anger. They too are just a distraction.
Man Tara   12017-06-20 01:38

What fools and evil people you guys are.
In your evil heads, evil deeds will lead to what? Independence? Of whom?
Nobody is going to come and fetch you from behind your coward keyboards to name you Pressident of a country that does not exist and will not exist.
The Only thing you should hold for certain, you will be caught and pay for your crimes.
During the Biya's administration, or after.
Like they say, 100 days for the thieves. One day for the righteous.
And all your distorted justifications will do you NO GOOD.
Just like your accomplices in prison right now.
Are they getting out?
Ambombo   12017-06-19 20:51
It is called Holy Ghost Fire!!
Nyambarindon   12017-06-19 19:52
Chasing away children from schools
Reducing to ashes school buildings

This is clearly the Boko haram terrorist group philosophy
BOUBOU   32017-06-19 18:28
@ Johnpapapapa & Ambombo
You're really the best heroes behind the keyboard ....

Ces pyromanes n'ont de semblables dans l'histoire contemporaine que chez Shekau de Boko Haram. On a donc affaire à des terroristes, et non aux acteurs d'une quelconque revendication politique. Après, il faudra assumer le moment venu.
Ambombo   22017-06-19 15:36
Very good news. Next we should start killing the Frogs, starting with their colonial representatives, SDOs, DOs, governors etc. Frogs in Victoria and all over Ambaland should be chased out or killed.
Johnpapapapa    32017-06-19 13:55
Very very good news. Let the good work continue. No political GCE in Southern Cameroons.

We need more good news like these.
GHS Ideneau W. Musa
Fire has ravaged two Government schools in Fako division, GHS Mbonjo and GHS Idenau on Friday June 17, 2017 breaking Saturday with enormous damages recorded.

At Government High School Mbonjo, the administrative building and two classrooms were reduced to ashes including GCE materials according to sources.

While at Government High School Idenau, only the administrative building was affected.

The arson which took place at the weekend is the umpteen time schools are being burnt in English speaking regions. The attacks have intensified with the writing of GCE examinations.

The latest had been GBHS Babessi in the North West region and GHS Mbanji in the south west last week.

Security have been unable to determine the cause of such fire incidents which always occur at night

Wilson MUSA
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