Cameroun - Grands travaux: Les travaux du Lac municipal de Yaoundé imminents 

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KOYE   22017-01-07 18:49
"Cellule de coordination technique du Comité de pilotage (COPIL) du Projet de Valorisation touristique et économique du Lac municipal et de la vallée de Mingoa à Yaoundé."

Une affaire de par-diem sans doute. On accorde le crédit en 2015, puis on ratifie en 2016 et ce n'est qu'en 2017 qu'on crée la cellule de coordination du comité.
Ils vont manger des centaines de millions en per-diem pour faire des réunions à s'écouter parler.
Pauvre et minable Cameroun de nous-même camerounais...
Ce qui est marrant avec toutes ces annonces c'est que l'on croit que l'avenir n'arrivera pas. On va rester optimiste et espérer que ce projet verra le jour avant la CAN comme c'était écrit...
Mais on attend toujours les bus de la CAN annoncés en grande pompe...
Yassum   212017-01-07 13:59
2018 Pose de la 1ere pierre avant les "élections" par le candidat naturel du RDPC
2022 début des travaux
2023 arrêt des travaux car les populations riveraines n'ont reçu que 75 mile fcfa par famille sur les 3 milliards débloqués
2025 la chine apporte un complément de crédit de 75 milliards car les entreprises retenus jusque là comme pour le stade omnisport avant la CAN, ne sont à 15% des travaux réalisés alors qu'elles ont été payées de plus de la moitié
2035 fin des travaux et inauguration pour son excellence Paul Biya en fuateuil roulant (quoi que, il n'aura que 103 le jeune homme) le jour de la fête de l'émergence.
Chesuh98   32017-01-07 03:15
Oncemore you have not been able to argue for or against the issues I raised. And the reason is simple: there is no de jure or de facto reason why the SC can be compelled to be part of LRC. The francophones should be the ones begging for a federation. The SC have not entirely given up on this union.There is still hope that something can be salvaged. But without mutual respect, nothing can be achieved. When you start calling SC as Biafrans whose insurrection has been defeated, i again have another question for you: do you sincerely believe that the 500 soldiers sent to Bamenda can defeat a city of about 700.000 people?The day we put our feet on the ground and say GO, you will go.
Raymann   52017-01-07 00:16
Manque de rationalisation et manque de priorité. Il n'y a pas de logements pour les gens à Yaoundé. C'est du chacun pour soi. Ce qui est d'ailleurs le cas sur tout l'étendu du territoire.
Monmot79   32017-01-06 23:24

Ca tire en Cote d'Ivoire a BOUAKE et dans d'autres villes a l'arme lourde.
La TV5 en a parlé ce soir, mais sans trop de détails.
Monmot79   102017-01-06 23:20

Don´t try to change your Name before the end of this year.
LENOIR   52017-01-06 22:49
Ca tire en Cote d'Ivoire a BOUAKE et dans d'autres villes a l'arme lourde.
Anglofou Is Back22    32017-01-06 20:38

The answer is simple.

They are not doing it because as they pretend Southern Cameroonians are their long-lost brothers.

They are doing it because:

1. The Southern Cameroons provides 68% of the GDP of The Cameroons.

2. The Southern Cameroons provides 52% of the food consumed in The Cameroons.

When The Southern Cameroons leaves the union, La Republique Francaise du Cameroun will be as impoverished as Tchad or La Republique Centrafricaine.

My dear dishonest Froggies always remember this:

The Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be FREE.


Anglofou Atypique (Anatyp)
Gamob14    92017-01-06 20:21
The Education Secretary of the Diocese of Buea, Fr. Alex Sob, on the instructions of the Bishop, His Lordship Bishop Emmanuel Bushu, Chancellor of Academic orders has postponed the reopening of all Catholic Schools within the Buea Diocese until further notice.
This is to say, CKC Tiko, Repacol Mutengene, St Ann Limbe, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Muea, St. Paul Bojongo, SJC Sasse College, Bishop Rogan College, Catholic University and all other Nursery and Primary schools shall have their doors closed on Monday 9th January. The information asked all teachers, students and pupils to stay home till further notice.
Gamob20    122017-01-06 19:36
I have a question for you? what do guys find so attractive in the Southern Cameroons that you are not willing to let go?
Is it the natural resources, the land or the people that endears you to the SC? It surely is not the people because the SC has declared in unequivocal terms that they are not part your LRC. Is it because you want to project to the world as bilingual state? I don't think so inasmuch as a large proportion of citizens of La Republique are English speakers and they do not need to be bonded with the SC to project their bilingualism in French and English.
Is it because you have suddenly discovered that the slave wants to eat with the master at the dinning table? Are you guys afraid of loosing your second class citizens? Or is because the SC contributes 68% to your budget and gets 1% back? Given francophones are the wise ones(les sages), why do you really want to keep company with anglophous? My head spins.
We voted freely to join this union. We were NOT compelled. In the same manner, we voted freely to leave Nigeria. The Nigerian army was not sent to kill, rape and enforce a one and invisible Nigeria. Like a couple whose marriage has broken down, it is our inalienable right to get a divorce. You cannot sustain a marriage by force.We are NOT seceding from you. Per international law, your map at independence will not change because we were not part of you in 1960. My friend, you are leper. There is a saying that if you give a beggar a handshake he will want an embrace. The time for the embrace to end has come.
Monmot7922    222017-01-06 19:05
Si tu as un présentement de non appartenance à ce que tu appelles « La République », pourquoi ne vas tu pas au Biafra où tu appartiens?
Vous avez tenté une fois de duper l´état fédéral du Nigeria, sans succès, cela avait conduit à une guerre terrible, la guerre du Biafra, ton pays d´origine.
Au Cameroun, vous n´avez même pas une seule chance de recommencer une telle bêtise...
Comme vous avez échoué au Nigeria, c´est comme ça que votre insurrection a aussi échoué au Cameroun, avant même d´être née.

Par ailleurs comme rappelle, ci- dessous ton post du 08.12.16 et ma réponse :

08.12.2016 bis 08.12.2017
Remember, I told you, one year from today, come to this forum and tell me that Cameroon is one and indivisible.
I shall remember it.
It will be a especial occasion to laugh at you.
But don´t change your name at all.
Time will tell.
I will be waiting for you at the Santa frontier post next time you visit the Southern Cameroons. You wont enter without a visa and if you do obtain a visa, you will be required to speak English only.How sad will you be, that you would have lost your second class citizens. Having lost access to Southern Cameroon oil,Where will your ministers find money to steal and stash in foreign bank accounts? Remember, I told you, one year from today, come to this forum and tell me that Cameroon is one and indivisible. Come back to this forum and tell me that I am having nightmares. In the mean time, I will encourage you,instead of gesticulating at this forum, to begin your war of independence against France.
LRC will pay compensation for 50 years of exploitation!!
LRC will pay compensation for every Southern Cameroonian they killed!!
And we will build a WALL stretching the length of the river Mungo!! Sorry, friend.
Gamob19    202017-01-06 19:00
Once more it is Yaounde again!!They never seem to lack money to do projects in Yaounde, Douala, South Region. For the rest of the country, you are on your own. For four years, the government of LRC has not been able to find money to tar the 40kms of road from Babadjou to Bamenda. In 50 years of independence, despite the fact that Ndian supplies more than half of the budget of LRC, Ndian does not have 1 km of tarred roads. Need I mention the ring road? Francophones have told us that we are just noise makers because they too don't have tarred roads to their villages. These people should be reminded that the joining in 1961 was a union between two co-equal states. It was not a joining between 2 SC regions and 8 LRC regions. We are not asking for a 50/50 share of the national cake but there has to be some fairness in the distribution of projects. The SC looks like a land that time has forgotten: it is severely under developed and abandoned to itself. At the current rate, the people of Ndian or Kumba or Nwa or Wum will not see tarred roads for the next 200 years. The Mamfe-Bamenda road was tarred by the African development bank and not by Cameroon. The business this road was supposed to bring has been stifled because hundreds of teen age Beti/Bulu girls and boys have been sent to setup control check points all over the road to harass collect and collect bribes, to beat up Anglophones and Nigerian business men. Now, nobody wants to use the road. We simply cannot continue like this. We are not a conquered people.
Wangrin12215    332017-01-06 18:52
un pays ou ce qui est bien reste a l etape de maquette
C@mer22    332017-01-06 18:49
République des maquettes! Un mensonge de plus.
Johnpapapapa24    172017-01-06 18:44
La Republique Du Cameroun is in reality is La Reuplique Du Mensonge, La Repulique Du Mal. La Republique Du Manipulation.

It is a shame that the rulers of La Republique Du Cameroun are refusing to solve the problems of the people and the Francophones are OK with it. The Francophones are OK with the hell they are catching. What a shame.

But we Anglophone, we refuse to continue suffering. It is freedom or nothing
Stephano35    162017-01-06 18:27
Le pays devient de plus en plus beau.
Le cameroon se developpe.
Happy New Year to you , my fellow Camerooonians !!!
Maquette du Lac municipal de Yaoundé Archives
Une décision signée récemment par le Ministre de l’Habitat et du Développement Urbain (MINHDU) nomme les membres de la cellule de coordination technique dudit projet. 

C’est le prélude au lancement des travaux. Le MINHDU a signé le 27 décembre 2016 une décision portant nomination de la cellule de coordination technique du Comité de pilotage (COPIL) du Projet de Valorisation touristique et économique du Lac municipal et de la vallée de Mingoa à Yaoundé.  

Jean Claude Mbwentchou a nommé 14 membres issus de quatre structures: la Primature, le Gouvernement (les ministères de l’Économie, du Tourisme, des Marchés Publics,  les Finances, l’Environnement, le MINHDU), la Communauté Urbaine de Yaoundé et les ordres professionnels. 
Ces membres des comités techniques viendront compléter le staff nommé par le Président de la République. Ce sont ces techniciens qui seront chargés d’encadrer la préparation des travaux. 

En 2015, la Deutsche Bank a accordé à l’État du Cameroun un crédit de 21 milliards de FCFA. Un an plus tard, la même banque a consenti un autre prêt de 7,368 milliards de FCFA. Ledit projet s’étend sur une superficie de 250ha et couvre une bonne partie du quartier administratif. Sa réalisation est programmée en deux phases. D’abord l’assainissement, les aménagements des abords du lac, la construction de 80 chambres. Ensuite la construction de l’hôtel de 300 chambres, la viabilisation des terrains destinés à la construction d’équipements.  

Jean-Marie NKOUSSA
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