Cameroun - Tensions dans les zones anglophones: Une descente de Paul Biya peut-elle ramener le calme ?

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Gamob   12017-01-12 21:47
Cameroon’s 2017 Investment Budget: Biya’s South Region Gets More Than NW, SW Regions Combined

By Macdonald Ayang, January 13, 2016
Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – President Biya’s South Region – his place of origin, has been allocated far more financial resources in the 2017 Public Investment Budget more than that of the North West and South West Regions put together – just another glaring evidence of Anglophone marginalization.According to the 2017 project logbook, a publication of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT, which chronicles the total number of government projects and their costs for all the ten regions of the country, the South Region whose population is just about that of Mezam Division in the North West Region, was allocated over 570 projects at a total sum of FCFA 126, 259, 917, 000. (One hundred, twenty six billion, two hundred and fifty-nine million, nine hundred and seventeen thousand)
The North West Region was allocated less than 500 projects as indicated in the project log book, amounting to a total of only FCFA 42, 564, 495, 000, (forty-two billion, five hundred and sixty-four million, four hundred and ninety-five thousand. The South West has a little over 500 projects to be executed at a total cost of FCFA 43, 213, 597, 000 (forty-three billion, two hundred and thirteen million, five hundred and ninety-seven thousand.
Basic arithmetic, after close study of the above figures, reveals that the amount of the public investment budget allocated to the South Region alone in 2017 surpasses the amount shared between the two English speaking regions of the country by at least forty billion FCFA.
A much closer look at the projects allocation for the Anglophone Regions for the current financial year also shows that very little attention has been paid to crucial areas like road construction and rehabilitation which is a major problem in the two regions.
Gamob   22017-01-12 18:41
You are not French speaking? So you walk into an office in Cameroon and speak your native dialect? Did I hear you say I am sticking to my British Masters? Let me assure you that I have never met or talked to a British man all my life. When the British left SC they left forever. In connection with this, here is what Abouem a Tchoyi says:
Les compatriotes francophones reprochent souvent à leurs frères anglophones leur penchant à se référer, de manière quasi obsessionnelle, à l’héritage colonial anglo-saxon, comme si c’est l’héritage colonial qui devait structurer les relations entre des communautés depuis longtemps unies par de liens multiples, avant même le début de la colonisation. Dans le même temps, ils recourent avec délectation à « leur » héritage colonial français. Notre Constitution, nos institutions, notre organisation administrative, notre système de décentralisation, notre régime financier, l’écrasante majorité de nos textes législatifs et réglementaires… sont issus de l’héritage colonial français.
You are a francophone, benefiting from the system by default. You have never worn the shoe of the anglophone to know how badly it fits. I don't think we will be able find consensus. We are as far apart the the SC and LRC.
Fool   12017-01-12 10:43
David Abouem a Tchoyi.
MADI   82017-01-12 09:32
Nous n'avons plus rien à attendre du vacancier Suisse.

Ils est temps de s'assoir et discuter de l'avenir de notre pays. Tout le monde est d'accord pour dire que "rien ne marche" mais que faisons nous après avoir dit ça?

Les frères Anglophones savent dire stop! nous autres Francophones sommes plutôt dans le discours. Jamais dans l'action sur ce point là Anglofou a raison! Le mal vivre est devenu à tel niveau ou ce n'est plus possible!
Les gens vous disent ça va mal mais ils ne font rien car "le pouvoir en place" a tous les moyens pour vous mater! Non, le pouvoir c'est nous! le pouvoir c'est le peuple.

Nous devons soutenir le mouvement au lieu de dire que c'est leur problème! Car je suis sûr que la résolution consensuelle de ce problème sera bénéfique pour tous les Camerounais. Evitons de tomber comme chaque fois au Cameroun dans le piège de la résolution partielle des problèmes, car si en fin de compte, on parviens à leur accorder une autonomie sur quelques aspects de la gestion administrative, il ne faut pas que nous nous levions après pour nous dire "nous aussi on veut..." comme des enfants
L'Acteur    82017-01-12 06:32
Have you ever heard me claiming any french heritage ? I'm not french and I will never be. So it really doesn't matter for me to speak french or not, I simply don't care as long as I'm able to communicate with people in a language they can understand .... I'm proud of my African heritage more than everything and that is the only heritage I can really fight for. I'm African and proud . Unlike you and the other secessionists , you love your British masters more than yourselves. I have watched a video on YouTube where an apparently respectable secessionist woman was proud to say that she speaks the language of the Queen of England while she was begging for the British to intervene in Cameroon to free the Anglophones. And another Guy publicly called on the British to recolonize the Anglophones regions , to finish the job they have started . When igno.rance , lack of self esteem goes to that level , why should I agree with it ? Sometimes I just can't understand you guys...
Chesuh98   62017-01-12 05:39
Lest I forget, you said Cameroon was united as one under German rule. I hope you know that the then official language was not French but German. So, why is it your government is attempting to unite us under french? Is French the new German? You have the right to your opinion(albeit erroneous) but you can not pick and choose historical facts
Chesuh98   72017-01-12 05:14
Who ever told you that LRC is the successor state of the German Kamerun? Where was the capital of German Kamerun? Is that what you were taught in school? Why should we end at German Kamerun. Let us go back 100 or 200 years. What political arrangement existed between the Banso tribes and the Ewondo tribes? You want me to disown my Anglo-Saxon heritage while you not only keep yours but are assimilating me into yours. Simple solution: let us abandon English and French and switch to German. For sure your ancestors the Gaullois will not accept. You seem to get the impression that we are begging for federation from LRC.That is wrong.This matter will be fought before international courts. I need not tell you who will win.
Anglofou Is Back   92017-01-12 04:52
@Afro Juvenis,


Thanks for calling me to reason.

I take back the word "cafard" and sincerely apologize to @L'Acteur for using that word to describe him.

I do not hate "Francophones" and cannot afford to hate them because my family is all "Francophones".

As stated earlier The Southern Cameroons fight is not a fight between "Francophones" and "Anglophones". It is a dispute between two States; La Republique du Cameroun and The Southern Cameroons that came together in 1961 to form a union of TWO EQUAL partners (not 10 provinces/regions).

I however maintain that "Francophones" including my Bassaa brothers are COWARDS. You fear authority to the point where like "ngong dogs" you put your long tails between your legs and disappear when authority barks.

You will never liberate yourselves from the yoke of tyranny if you are unwilling to fight and die for your rights like Nguembus, Okala, Um Nyobe, Wambo, Mukong, Ouandjie, Moumie and others.

Always remember this:

The Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be FREE.


Anglofou Atypique (Anatyp)
L'Acteur    42017-01-12 03:29
It's funny the way you're attached to those Southern Cameroons . Talking about history , you seem to forget that the whole Cameroon ( including your so called Southern Cameroons) is a German colony , created by them . So if we really have to go backwards in the history of Kamerun , we will find out that there's no Anglophones , no Francophones . All of us would be called " Germanophones". But you guys turn blind when it comes to the German fundation of our country . But you're only attached that period of the history where you were ruled by the United Kingdom . But the sad reality unfortunately for you is that before the British and the French , our country Kamerun was already one and united ruled by the Germans . So if you guys want the southern Cameroons territory as it was before 1961 , la République du Cameroun could also want in response to you his territory as it was before 1916. And we will see who is more legitimate to get or claim what .... Without the German Kamerun , there is no southern or northen Cameroons ... To make a long story short, I advice you to carefully read about the history of our country , you will probably be very surprised when you will realize that the whole secessionist movement is a nonsense... Believe me , if we follow your secessionist logic , we will get to a point where la République du Cameroun will claim to get back all his big territory as it was before 1916. And that would be a big problem with Nigeria , Gabon , Central African Republic , Congo Brazzaville... I can't even imagine how that giant incident will look like . So calm down bro , that secession will never happen , stop dreaming , it's just not possible .
Afro Juvenis   182017-01-12 03:08
@Anglofou Is Back

Attentention au terme "cafard" que vous employez... Ce mot resurgit de temps a autre dans les forums et je ne peut m'empecher de repenser au genocide du Rwanda. C'etait le terme prefere des genocidaires et presque du jour au lendemain, 1 million de personnes sont morts.

Les leaders de ce mouvement ont clairement dit que leurs revendications sont a l'endroit du gouvernement de Yaounde et qu'ils n'ont aucun probleme avec les francophones. Soit vous allez a l'encontre de ce mouvement soit vous le faites expres pour enflammer les tensions et envenimer la situation. Peu importe, ne dessinez pas le diable sur le mur, car croyez moi, il apparait tres souvent.
Gassy   52017-01-12 02:22
Adama is saying the same as you. Adama just says that biya had called anglophones extremists. What can he go to discuss with the extremists he said there are? Also, those who have ever matter to biya is the soldiers, and Adama proposes he goes there to give them solace.
Gamob   142017-01-12 02:13
Prince Dollar,
decentralization a la Camerounaise will not solve the problem. Paul Biya is power drunk; he is an emperor who will not voluntarily concede power. It must be taken from him by force. Biya has already signed a decree to pay the salaries of Mayors. This is not the job of the government. Local council workers should be paid from local revenue that they raise. He who pays salaries will dictate policy. Secondly, Biya will seek to appoint Inspectors in over elected regional governors. These Inspectors will be given the power of veto over regional decisions, just like Government Delegates to Urban councils today, who have confiscated the power of elected Mayors. Those calling for decentralization should be on the watch out. Only a federation can solve the problems of all Cameroonians.
Prince Dollar   52017-01-12 01:43
Gamob12    72017-01-11 23:58
"Biya Paul n'est qu'un pyromane !
Qu'il aille d'abord honorer la mémoire de ces trois nouveaux soldats tombés au front."

You have made a very salient point that I have not noticed in this forum thus far: that anglophone lives do matter. Why should Biya go talk to extremists? (6 of whom were executed the army of La Republique). Their lives don't matter. What matters to you are the 3 soldiers killed in the North. So, it is obviously because we are less human that the body count of those assassinated keeps mounting , year after year. It is because we are less human that our students are subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment.
The day of reckoning will come sooner or later and all these lives will be accounted for. Mark my words, Adama.
Monmot79   32017-01-11 23:42
Mais ce qui est le plus décrié, c’est surtout la marginalisation des citoyens anglophones par leurs congénères francophones.
Vous voulez seulement voir monter votre cote de popularité, même si pour delà, le pays brûle.
Le problème dit « Anglophone » est politique. Les civils n´ont rien à y voir avec tout cela.

Donc : « ...c´est surtout la marginalisation des citoyens anglophones par leurs POLITICIENS francophones »
Gamob   72017-01-11 23:10
"your struggle will only end up with a failure as usual... Lack of clear strategic plan, political selfishness, stereotypes and hatred towards the Francophones and so on."

Maybe you believe that what we are doing is lottery or akin to a football match where you win some and loose some. Are you suggesting that after Biya had seceded from West Cameroon by resuscitating La Republique of 1960, we too cannot restore the Southern Cameroons of 1961? Going by you, the Southern Cameroons, with its distinct geographical boundaries, history and people have suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth?
I do not personally have a problem with francophones. This is not a francophone/anglophone issue.Our task is to restore our statehood and to free ourselves from annexation by La Republique. The average francophone has nothing to do with annexation. They are just passive observers like us the anglophones. We are fighting against a superstructure that was set up by France, to exploit the resources of the Southern Cameroons. So, while the francophone is not my "brother", I pity him as much as I pity myself because for us anglophones, we have ample justification to get out of the system, but for you, francophone, you are stuck with France and its cooperation agreements, whether you want it or not.
Adama    192017-01-11 22:14
Biya Paul a traité les anglophones d'extrémistes manipulés. Qu'est ce qu'il va faire chez les extremistes ?

Biya Paul n'est qu'un pyromane !
Qu'il aille d'abord honorer la mémoire de ces trois nouveaux soldats tombés au front.
Ndokoti10    62017-01-11 22:14
L'Acteur    82017-01-11 22:10
I agree with you when you say that the blood that flows into Biya veins is the same that flows in ours . However what you fail to understand is that I make the difference between Biya and my country, the Republic of Cameroon. Trust me ,I have never considered Biya as a special human being .... As matter of fact I disagree with him and his policy in many many ways. When I say I'm against secession, it doesn't mean that I'm pro Biya... No way... I'm against the amalgam that some peolpe tend to make between "La République" and the corrupt Government of Biya. Biya is not "La République du Cameroun " and he will never be. Also because of him some Anglophones openly show hatred and disrespect to peaceful Francophones who are not involved in the Biya's regime. By hating us , they give more power to the Government and obviously to Biya. People full of hatred like "Anglofou Is Back" work in reality for Biya's regime under the well known rule of "Divide and conquer". It's obvious than when the majority of Francophones will realize that hatred and selfishness are the main reasons why some Anglophones fight for secession or federalism , it's obvious that they will rather be for the Government on that matter instead of sympathize with their fellow Anglophones compatriots . And by doing so Biya will remain in power until his death. All is about strategy, and intelligence my brother , rather than insulting us cowards and so.... a smart Anglophone would try to unify us for the right cause. But unfortunately most of you Guys don't do that (including your leaders )and that's one of the reasons why , your struggle will only end up with a failure as usual... Lack of clear strategic plan, political selfishness, stereotypes and hatred towards the Francophones and so on....
Mengap   72017-01-11 22:00
" Une descente de Paul Biya peut-elle ramener le calme ?

Vous devriez plutôt écrire que le "Docteur Paul Biya " a prescrit une visite de Bamenda pour ramener le calme ?
N'est ce pas le Cameroun marche sur ordonnance médicale ?
African Freedom   222017-01-11 21:52
"Cameroun - Tensions dans les zones anglophones: Une descente de Paul Biya peut-elle ramener le calme ?"

On vous a donc dit que Bamenda etait Geneve ou Lausane? Continuez a rever les yeux ouverts. Vous demandez a un pyromane de courir eteindre un feu qu`il a lui meme non seulement contribute a allume,mais qu`il s`attelle a entretenir de bon Coeur.
Anglofou Is Back   112017-01-11 21:48
@L'Acteur ,

Tu es un petit cafard, un rat palmist qui a l'eau por le sang.

Pout toi le mot "coward" est un insulte? Petit feignant. The word "COWARD" describes who you are. A little Kumba market "ngong dog" who is afraid of his shadow.

I have no hatred for Froggies. I am Bassaa so I can NOT afford it because my whole family is Froggie.

But I can say this and my Grandpa Guembus, Um Nyobe, Okala, Moumie, Ouandjie, Mukong and others will back me from their graves. You Froggies are COWARDS. You do not deserve to call yourselves inheritors of any of the heroes I have listed above.

So if you think I have insulted you, go fall off a very steep cliff for all I care. It will give me one less coward to worry about.

That said, always remember this:

The Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be FREE.


Anglofou Atypique (Anatyp)
L'Acteur 16    82017-01-11 21:27
@Anglofou Is Back
I wish you could call me froggie or coward in front of me , you brain would have been be put back in place. You seem to deny the similar grievances that happened in the "Francophones " regions before. It seems to be easy for you to sit right behind you keyboard and proliferate insults and hatred towards us . That's one of the reasons why I'm neither for federalism nor secession. Because I know that behind the close doors , some Anglophones like your as.s hate the Francophones with passion. Hatred should not prosper in my country. We will never allow that to spread widely , the way you and your accomplices want it to be . So be careful, we are aware of your hatred and we will never let it prosper on our soil ( including North-West and South-West regions )...Even though we don't agree with the way the Government treats our fellow Anglophones compatriots who legitimately protest for their rights , we will never follow donkeys like you. You will fight for your fu.cking secession by yourself and on your own....
Gamob   212017-01-11 21:12
who is Biya that his authority cannot be challenged?Did he not come into this world naked , like any other human being? The same blood that flows in his veins flows in my veins. He is not a God but you guys, out of greed and cowardice have made him one. All these rubbish about Pere de la nation.....he is no father of any nation!! He is a man from the tropical forest of Mvomeka who grew up eating cassava and wild fruits collected from the forest and who happened to be at the right place at the right time and became president. There is nothing unique in him that other Cameroonians do not have.If you cannot challenge the authority of a President , how then do you hold him accountable when he goes wrong? With this kind of attitude, Biya would remain President of Cameroon for the next 100 years if only he could prolong his life. Mr Biya is a satanic old kleptomaniac and sadist and the pages of his life are about to close. In the eyes of God and in the natural order of things, he and Wilfried Tassang are the same-equals from head to toe.
Anglofou Is Back15    232017-01-11 21:02
My Dear Froggies,

You fellows are REAL COWARDS. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Have you realized that if the "Francophones" declared solidarity with the "Anglophones" and closed their schools for just a few weeks, the Biya Government would fall and you can have your country back "post Biya".

Like I always say you COWARDS (petits cafards) disgust me. My Grandpa Guembus and Ruben Um Nyobe wasted their lives fighting for you IDIOTS. They must be turning in their graves.

Anywy, always remember this:

The Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be FREE.


Anglofou Atypique (Anatyp)
Jeune   262017-01-11 21:02
Les anglos vous ont dit qu'ils voulaient voir sa tronche??
Il ne peut pas prendre le risque d'aller là-bas et se faire lyncher.
En tout cas bientôt il rentre lui en Suisse, vous allez rester là avec les Philemon Yang et Jean Kuete "régler" ça.
Moh Manyu   312017-01-11 20:44
Paul Biya presence in Bamenda or Buea is needless!! Did the Teachers and Lawyers ask to talk to Paul Biya? Paul Biya is the one helping things to stand still!! David Abouem a Tchoyi let us know that Paul Biya was sent by Ahmadou Ahidjo to listening to the Anglophones many decades ago decade after decade nothing has changed!! The Government shall answer to the grievances!! The entire World is aware now that Cameroon is blingual!!
Goodman   292017-01-11 20:33
Il va la-bas faire quoi? ce Monsieur est tellement deboussole qu'il ne connait aucune realite camerounaise...Il enverra ses partisans l applaudir pour faire le cirque la-bas, mais le mal est tres profond que ce n'est pas avec le saupoudrage il faut resoudre ce probleme, ceux qui lui donne ce genre de conseil farfelu sont des plaisantins...Un homme responsable recevrait les avocats et les autres responsables meneurs de greve, et releverait d abord les responsables qui ont donne l'orde aux militaires de tuer de leur fonction et qu'ils repondent de leurs actes de condamner lourdement les militaires et policiers criminels...On ne peut pas au 21e siecle abatttre des camerounais comme des petits lapins...TOT OU TARD CEUX QUI ONT TUE DES CAMEROUNAIS GRATUITEMENT REPONDRONT DE LEURS ACTES, Dieu Dit aucun crime de sang ne restera impuni...
Sandoure   482017-01-11 20:33
Les sorties du PR c'est soit pour l'aeroport ou alors le 20 Mai pour la fete nationale et la finale de la coupe nationale de football. Exceptionnellement, on lui organise une gaterie par an de type "rencontre economique" ou "sommet de developpement" au palais des congres pour changer la routine. Encore que l’annee derniere il est alle a Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo trois fois de quoi exploser son quota annuel de sorties dans le territoire national. Il faut bien qu'il "recupere" un peu ...
L'Acteur    372017-01-11 20:24
C'est un risque politique qu'il ne peut même pas prendre, sinon les Anglophones vont ouvertement le vomir et défier son autorité . En bon vieux , il ne peut pas leur donner cette occasion rêvée.
Maguida   482017-01-11 20:15
ces gens écrivent juste pour ecrire.
en quoi un deplacement de poaul biya va aider les anglo ? a part militariser encore plus une ville déjà militarisée comme Bamenda. Et vous parlez des emeutes de la faim qui auraient été résolues en douceur comme si vous sortez d une autre planete. Biya a traité les manifestants des emeutes de la faim d apprentis sorcier et a lancé les ninja dehors pour les mater. C'est cela la douceur ? quant aux années de braise (1990-1991), le "me voici donc à Douala" de Biya n était point dans le sens de l apaisement mais dans celui du defi.
moi je pense que la qualité de la personne qui vient importe peut etre mais tres peu par rapport a la manière dont la personne vient et au message qu elle emporte avec elle.
vous dites que vous venez dialogue, de quoi venez vous dialoguer si avant meme de vous deplacer vous avez déjà dit "il n y aura pas ceci il n y aura pas cela" ? si vous avez déjà rejeté les principales revendications des contestataires avant vous allez encore dialogue sur quoi ? il est normal; que personne ne soit disposé a vous ecouter. quant on va au dialogue c est parcequ on a une position a expliquer a la partie d en face, et aussi on veut ecouter ec que la partie d en face a a dire et ensuite faire bouger les positions en cedant un pêu de terrain. mais lorsque ta position est déjà claire et nette et pas suceptible d ebouger beat tu reste chez toi.

et je ne vois meme pas ce vieux president fatigué et deconnecté de la relaité se deplacer pour Bamenda. Pour faire quoi ? il s est deplacé à Eseka ? depuis 3 ans que nous combattons dans l extreme nord a t il mis le pied labas ? alors pourquoi es ce que les "agitations de quelques petits vandales" vont l emouvoir ?
Paul Biya Archives
Au regard des échecs des différents médiateurs désignés, la présence du Chef de l’État pourrait être une solution efficace pour un retour au calme.

Les cours n’ont toujours pas repris dans les établissements scolaires des Régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest. D’après le Quotidien L’Épervier Economie du 11 janvier 2017, les différentes médiations engagées tant par le Directeur du Cabinet des services du Premier Ministre et les autres acteurs politiques originaires de ces deux Régions n’ont pas porté de fruit. Pour le quotidien, l’ombre d’une année blanche plane désormais sur l’avenir des élèves.

«Au regard de la situation actuelle, aucune lueur d’espoir n’est envisagée pour un retour à la normale dans les prochains jours si le Gouvernement ne revoit pas sa stratégie. Le Premier Ministre Chef du Gouvernement n’a rien pu faire, les acteurs politiques non plus. Jean Kueté, le Secrétaire Général du comité central du Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais (RDPC), est quasiment reparti de Bamenda sur la pointe des pieds, après une tentative infructueuse de la tenue d’un meeting politique», note le journal.

Le casting des hommes appelés à conduire les pourparlers a été faussé. «Dans la plupart des cas, c’était des hommes impopulaires dans leurs zones. Des hommes et des femmes sans épaisseur ni charisme». Par conséquent, la situation est allée de mal en pis. Aujourd’hui, il est assez logique de penser que le seul à pouvoir résoudre le «problème anglophone» au Cameroun, est le Président de la République, Paul Biya.

Le quotidien rappelle la résolution «en douceur» des émeutes de la faim de 2008, tout comme encore lors de la crise de 1990, née des vents démocratiques. Le Président de la République lors d’une descente dans la capitale économique Douala avait prononcé un discours avec une phrase forte qui est restée dans les mémoires: «Me voici donc à Douala».

Une descente de Paul Biya, peut-on lire, pourrait mettre les populations des Régions anglophones du pays en confiance. Car, les tensions vont au-delà des seules revendications corporatives des avocats et des enseignants de cette partie du pays. Des jeunes ont manifesté par centaines mardi 21 novembre et mardi 22 novembre 2016 pour poser des problèmes allant du délabrement de la voirie urbaine au chômage ambiant. Mais ce qui est le plus décrié, c’est surtout la marginalisation des citoyens anglophones par leurs congénères francophones.

Géraldine IVAHA
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