The Ambazonian flag in front of Cameroon Embassy in Canada

Par Nouridin MELO | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 11-Aug-2017   10138
The Ambazonia Flag N. MELO
After Belgium and South Africa at the beginning of the week, it was the turn of the diplomatic representation of Cameroon to Canada, Protesting Cameroonians Stormed Cameroon Embassy in Canada, Pulled down the National flag & Hoist the Ambazonian flag.

The demonstration began with a coffin symbolizing the Biya regime in front of the diplomatic representation. the demonstrators demanded the release of the Consortium members who have been incarcerated since the beginning of this crisis. The fabric of the CPDM party in power was also torn and burnt by the pro-secessionists. Some of the officials at the Embassy of Cameroon in Canada were powerless.

 Chanting slogans hostile to the Yaounde regime with the sounds of vuvuzela, they tore up the Cameroonian flag before hoisting the Ambazonia flag. Separate groups of protesting Cameroonians with Ambazonian afilliation from all over Canada were currently converging at the embassy premises.

The Ambassador had to flee through the back door as gathered, an official working in the Cameroon embassy approached the crowd and told them that the meeting had been cancelled and that the ministerial delegation didn’t visit as planned.

Protestors in Canada (c) N. Melo
Protestors in Canada (c) N. Melo

The Ambassador only resurfaced 25 minutes later,pleading for the Ambazonian flag to be removed and replaced with the Cameroonian flag, so they could talk things to the right direction. He then alerted the police, and ordered them to desert the embassy premises. The situation became more complex as more Cameroonian protesters pushed in from different directions.

Nouridin MELO
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