Sweden, Denmark say Nord Stream leaks caused by ‘several hundred kilos of explosives’

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Gas leaks on Nord Stream pipelines are caused by blasts equal to ‘several hundred kilos of explosives,’ joint letter says

LONDON (AA) – Denmark and Sweden informed the UN Security Council on Friday that the Nord Stream pipeline leaks were caused by blasts equal to “several hundred kilos of explosives,” local media reported.

The countries also raised concerns about what sort of impact the leaks may have on the climate, as scientists have warned that methane erupting into the Baltic Sea from the Nord Stream pipelines could be the worst ever and that it can pose significant risks.

A joint letter was sent to the UN Security Council to inform them about the blasts equal to “several hundred kilos of explosives” that they believe caused the gas leakage, Danish TV2 reported.

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Gas leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines are going to be investigated by both Sweden and Denmark as soon as the gas completely leak out, which they predict will be on Sunday or Monday, Swedish broadcaster SVT Nyheter said.

The Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) detected two undersea explosions that they say caused four leaks in total, two in Swedish economic area and two in Denmark.

Upon Russia's request, the UN Security Council will meet on Friday to discuss leaks in Nord Stream gas pipelines with sabotage as the main agenda.

However, neither Swedish nor Danish representative will be present as they are not members.

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According to the Danish Foreign Ministry, Denmark was not invited to participate in the meeting despite explosions taking place in the country's economic area, SVT Nyheter reported.

The EU, together with Denmark and Sweden, said gas leaks in pipelines were a result of a “deliberate action” and not accidental.

Nord Stream management company NordStreamAG said on Thursday that the investigation may take several weeks before any conclusions can be made, according to the report.

The company also stated that it is impossible to say at this stage if Nord Stream damage can be repaired.

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