President Paul Biya back in Cameroon

Par Zesseu Tankwa Claude. | CRTV
- 09-Jun-2004 - 08h30   58576                      
President Paul Biya of Cameroon today Wednesday 9 June 2004 returned to Yaounde, Cameroon, after a brief private visit to Europe.
The President was flown into the country on board the Dja, a carrier of the nation’s airlines company, Cameroon Airlines, which touched down the Nsimalen international airport today afternoon, at 4.50 pm. A crowd of militants of the ruling Cameroon Peoples' Democratic Movement and non militants turned out at the airport and along the presidential itinerary to welcome the President. President Biya’s homecoming has shattered and laid to rest the rumours on his death. In a brief exclusive interview granted to the CRTV upon his arrival, and reacting to the rumour about his death, the President said he learnt like everybody else, that he was dead. He said, the rumour was a non-event. The president added, the rumour was a bad joke, and ridiculous. He also said, those who wish his death should wait for the next twenty years. He then entreated Cameroonians to be doubly vigilant, to preserve their mental stability, and gear up for future concerns like the upcoming inauguration of the Chad - Cameroon pipeline scheduled to take place this weekend. Asked whether he believed the death rumours had something to do with the 2004 presidential election, the Head of State said he wouldn't know.

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