Cameroon - Football - 2 Matches, 2 Reactions: Understanding Samuel Eto'o's thinking

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Le coup de gueule de Samuel Eto’o après la performance des Lions Indomptables face au Burundi Capture d'ecran
Cameroon had beaten Burundi 1-0 away from home on June 9th, 2022, but the legendary player and now FA boss blasted the team's attitude on the pitch

June 9th 2022: Cameroon 1: 0 Burundi

Samuel Eto'o's reaction:

Cameroon had  beaten  Burundi 1-0 away from home, but the legendary player and now FA boss blasted the team's attitude on the pitch.

He says there will be no problem for him to even change the whole team that qualified for the World Cup for an entirely new setup to go to Qatar!

"When you wear the country's colors, you don't make light of any match, he told them before adding they have to play every game like a final"

September 23rd 2022: Cameroon 0: 2 Uzbekistan
Samuel Eto'o's reaction following yesterday's 2-0 humiliating defeat:

"We saw what we wanted to see. We wanted to see the reaction of the team, and for the first time, I wished for a defeat of Cameroon. Our objective stays the same – to leave Qatar on December 18th, day of the final. We won't lose sight of our objective and to attain it, we wanted to see how the group fares when in difficulty. And like I told them in the dressing room, I congratulate the team for its reaction in the second half. The most important match comes up on Tuesday against South Korea. Nevertheless, our first final in the World Cup is on the 24th of November."

Cameroun vs Ouzbekistan: Reaction de Samuel Eto'o (c) CRTV


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