Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom, Opts to Solve the Crisis.

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 25-Mar-2019 - 16h22   1938                      
Chemuta Divine Banda Archives
The National Commission of Human Rights and Freedom (NCHRF), has opted to act as a mediator, to solve the ongoing Anglophone crisis, in a letter written to President Paul Biya, on the 22nd of March, 2019.


The chairman of the commission, Dr. Divine Chemuta Banda in the open letter to the Head of State, Paul Biya, said the commission was ready to provide long-lasting solutions to the current instability in the English regions of Cameroon, that has seen over one thousand deaths.

He expressed frustration over the fact that people are questioning the organizations’ willingness to cooperate to end the crisis, reasons why they are deeply involved and hurt by the human rights violations ongoing in the North West and South West. They want Paul Biya to give them, permission and support to solve it.

The letter, further regrets the fact that previous commissions, created by President Paul Biya in an attempt to stop the war hasn’t been effective. The bilingualism and multiculturalism commission which was created to implement the respect and use of the two official languages in Cameroon, the disarmament commission which is an open call for separatists to drop guns without trial. Separatists are arming themselves with sophisticated weapons.

Dr Chemuta Divine, mentioned the NCHRF, had sent four letters to the Head of State on this topic, but they haven’t gotten his reaction on their proposals. He cited a letter of 9th February 2017, when they carried out a mission in the Anglophone regions, another of 18th June 2018, where they presented their contributions to a way out of the crisis. Similar letters were sent through some ministries in January and February this year, where he says, got no response.

The human rights commission expressed disappointment over the kidnapping of students from colleges in the North West, while questioning the role of security officers in maintaining peace.
It further boasted its efforts at negotiating for the release of some 20 students kidnapped from a football pitch of the University of Buea.

In the said letter, the President of NCHRF, says it was thanks to the mediating capacity of its South West Regional Secretary, Christopher Tiku Tambe, that the students were released.





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