Cameroon: Essoka Corporation Champions Fight Against Cybercrimes, Rolls Out Cybersecurity Training Unit

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 22-Jul-2021 - 09h34   1305                      
NSOH Joseph Musongong, CEO Essoka Corporation Essoka Corporation
Essoka Corporation – Cameroonian private supra-national public security company that offers integrated, unified, and service-oriented nonpareil security services with core values of integrity, alertness – has made public its newly created department to train and provide Cameroonians quality and meaningful professional secured solutions to cybercrimes and intends to champion the fight against the growing phenomenon of cybercrimes in Cameroon and beyond.

Founded in 2016 with the vision to promote a more proactive and adaptive professional approach in the fight against Cybercrime, the new program dubbed “Essoka Cybersecurity Division” (ECSD) was officially presented to the public Wednesday, July 21, 2021. This was during a press conference at the Head Office of the Center located at the Bastos neighborhood in Yaoundé.

The ECSD is an EC-Council Accredited Training and Proctor (Exam) Center and an International Security Institution and Service Provider; founded under the backdrop of providing quality and meaningful professional Secured Solutions to the thousands of security threats around the world and Cameroon in particular.

Addressing reporters at the press outing, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Essoka Corporation, Nsoh Joseph Musongong, said Cameroon's cyberspace cannot be secured without Cameroonians being part of the security solutions.

"Before today, it was my idea, but by putting out to the public, it becomes our issue… we need to brave it and contribute in our own little way in securing our space and actions in the cyberspace," Nsoh Musongong revealed.

“Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to information security issues of this era such as: Certified End-user cybersecurity because the end-user is the weakest link; Certified Professional Cybersecurity Education in Cameroon and across Africa; Certified Professional Cybersecurity Solutions by Certified / licensed professionals; Cybersecurity for Cameroon by Cameroonians; Cybersecurity for Africa by Africans, ”revealed the CEO.

He added that the process can only be a success if Cameroonians federate their forces to be part of the security solution by becoming a secure computer, mobile, or internet users and getting complete journeyman cybersecurity education and certifications in comprehensive information security domain areas such as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensics, Network Defense and Operations, Software Security, IT Governance among others.

Through video presentations of the entire project, experts at the center noted that the importance of the launching of the Essoka Cybersecurity Division cannot be overemphasized given the daily rise in the phenomenon of cyber-attacks and the fact that everyone needs to secure his / her personal data in the digital era.

"We are all living in the digital era and the digital era living in us. So, whatever action we take in cyberspace is not in vain. We either attract security or insecurity," Achu Coach Gustav, Cybersecurity Expert at ECSD told the reporters in his presentation during the presser.

"Cybersecurity is not about you and your phone, but it's all about you living in an era where everything is digitized. It is much more than a matter of Information Technology," Achu Coach added.

Cybercrimes have been a major headache in the country with accounts of many public officials and institutions duplicated and hacked into by individuals for malicious intentions. The most recent being the duplication of the passport website of the General Delegation of National Security by individuals with malicious intention to extort money from Cameroonians. Many other structures have presented solutions but cyberspace still remains very vulnerable.

Statistics from the National Agency for Information and Communication Technology (ANTIC), indicate that approximately FCFA 4.7 billion was lost to scamming and phishing in Cameroon since 2011 while during the same period, FCFA 3.7 billion loss was registered as a result of skimming.

ANTIC facts further indicate that it has since 2019 identified some 4226 fake accounts on Facebook, of which 3337 have been closed while approximately FCFA 5 billion is lost due to intrusions into the information systems of certain private organizations, over FCFA 7 billion lost due to SIMBOX since 2010; 32 web defacement attacks detected on the websites of Public Administrations since 2010; 8300 vulnerabilities detected on the websites of public administrations in 2020; with more than 6500 requests aimed at tracking and apprehending cybercriminals, received from INTERPOL and other security services since 2020.

Despite these frightening statistics of cyber-attacks and cybercrimes, ECSD believes they have the magic in their new project.

"What makes Essoka Cybersecurity Division different in 2021 is because we have a foundation that as a company, requires to have to offer Cybersecurity services…that foundation is to first be able to offer licensed Cybersecurity pieces of training and be able to offer licensed exams from within the institution itself, not that we offer pieces of training and exams are taken elsewhere,” Achu revealed adding that ESCD has procured strategic partnerships.

“…now, you cannot partner with a renowned company if you are fake. ECSD is the most multi-relational and strategically aligned company in terms of partnerships with the rest of the world like Checkpoint Softwares Technologies LTD, GFI Software, Kaspersky just to be but these. That's what makes us different," he added.

ECSD officials strongly hold that the magnitude of recurrent cyber threats warrants serious secured solutions, reasons why they are offering services for people from all walks of life to get trained, get protected, and get certified to work anywhere in the world.

Aside from sensitizing Cameroonians to be conscience and become a secured computer, mobile or internet users, the ECSD Centre is open to receive Cameroonians who have at least a Baccalaureate to study and complete a journeyman Cybersecurity education and certification in comprehensive information security domain areas like Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensics, Network Defense and Operations, Software Security, IT Governance, etc.

Prominent Cameroonian actress, Stephanie Tum named ECSD ambassador

One high point of the press conference was the presentation of renowned Cameroonian actress and model, Stephanie Tum, as ECSD Brand Ambassador. The multi-talented film movie sensation used the occasion to pen a two-year deal renewable to sell the ideas of the structure.

"I am very honored with this offer and I thank the CEO of Essoka Corporation for choosing my person to be the pioneer Brand Ambassador for this Cybersecurity project. In fact, as a model, I would use all the opportunities available and my social media handles to carry the news far and wide. I shall visit students in schools, organize community outreaches to sensitize the public on the challenges of Cybersecurity and the available solutions from the Essoka Cybersecurity Division." Stephanie Tum promised.

Worth noting is the fact that the Essoka Cybersecurity Division ECSD, is a legally recognized structure in Cameroon and works closely with the National Agency for Information and Technology (ANTIC) where they audit most of its operations.

ECSD also provides services to private digital enterprises in the country both with hardware and software systems including risk management and plans not only to extend its branches nationwide but implant across Africa and other countries in the world.


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