Cameroon – Music: “If I am a fool, then that is why they paid me 20 Million to do someone’s campaign”, Longue Longue to critics

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DOUALA - 24-Apr-2019 - 11h24   2563                      
Longue Longue demande pardon a Paul Biya Capture d'ecran
Cameroonian music icon, Longue Longue has come under criticism, for chickening out on remarks he made on the 2018 presidential elections, after a recent video showed him on his kneels, withdrawing these claims and begging government and citizens to forgive him.

Many called him names with others naming him an opportunist and a fool. It is for this reason that on a radio talk show this Wednesday in Douala, Longue Longue said, “If I am a fool, then that is why they paid me 20million to do someone’s campaign”, referring to a contract worth FCFA 20 million, he signed with presidential candidate, Akere Muna.

Talking over ABK radio this morning, he called on critics to tell him how many artists who are not fools have signed such contracts and how much they have earned. To him, Cameroonians at some point would treat artists of all sorts of things. He recalled that another artists(referring to Petit Pays), was called fool but he ended up making big wins and the appellation died.

"I remember how an big name in the Cameroonian music industry, who is also number 1, was treated as a fool for a long time. Finally, he showed them that fools take first class plane tickets and are received by Presidents”, boasted Longue Longue.

Following his quick change of mind over the winner of last presidential polls, Longue Longue who has recently asked government to forgive his rants, said he didn’t have prove, reasons why he apologised.

" I was arrested and asked if I had proves that this person has won elections, and I said I didn’t have proves. And for that, I apologised….After the interpellation, I accepted to be humble. They didn’t want me to talk again and I signed documents, indicating I wouldn’t talk.”, he narrated.

Longue Longue who has been critical on government over his social media platforms, through his videos which recorded over 30,000 views, had also being criticised for supporting separatists in the North West and South West. Recently a video of him, and some fans from a financial institution, saw some pro government citizens, claiming he received money from separatists abroad and transfers to Ambazonians, a claim the artist debunks.

" Its fake, fake. It has never existed because I don’t even know who started these claims. You know these days, when someone wants to sabotage you, they link you to Ambazonia. I did the video myself, I wasn’t hiding. I went to withdraw money from Express Union, where I did the video. It wasn’t an aspect of a hidden camera. I was there to collect the balance of the money from the contract I signed with Akere Mina. Muna had advanced 11million, so I went to collect the remaining 9 million.”, he clarified.

However, despite his plea for government to forgive him, Longue Longue says his passport is still being held by an unknown person or institution, and this is affecting him financially. His concert in Canada planned this weekend, has been cancelled meanwhile he has responsibilities to take care of.

" My concert was annulled. Up till this moment, my passport has been seized. I don’t know who has it. I don’t know why. Let them leave me to go and work.”, he queried. " I survive thanks to my music, and since I had to travel, I missed my flight. I am the one sending money to France to carter for the needs of my children. I pay rents and have debts. I knew my gig from Canada would pay off, so that I can settle problems. I am pushing do hard for my passport, to be handed over to me", continued the artist.

The artist, Longue Longue, who has asked Cameroonians not to call him liberator again, continues to shine in his musical career despite all odds, as he sings the concerns of his people and against corruption.


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