Cameroon - PCC Crisis: Ace Journalist, Vctor Epie’ Ngome Says Church Leadership Practices 'Biya-style Politics'

Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net
Buea - 21-Aug-2019 - 17h45   4447                      
Former CRTV journalist,Victor Epie' Ngome Facebook
Veteran Journalist and Christian of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Victor Epie' Ngome, has urged the leadership of the church to address pertinent issues dividing the house of God, rather than using a 'Biya-style' approach.

In a message addressed to the moderator of the PCC, Rt. Reverend Fonki Samuel, the concerned regretted that the moderator has been neglecting accusations thrown at him within the past months, which to him has rather aggravated the problems faced by the church.

" Give the impression that they are all covered in shit and so, in no standing to call you out. But these people are not candidates for moderator or synod Clerk. They are ordinary Christians - redeemed sinners, and have the right to hold a high standard anyone wants to incarnate the sacred institution of their church", he proposed.

He further recounted how the church leadership has rather resulted to bullying Christians, than sorting out their concerns. "This administration has resorted to bullying and sullying its accusers, instead of speaking to the accusations ", he regretted.

" Biya-style attrition will not work either. Don't think that your prolonged silence on the issues will tire people out and they will just give up. Nothing short of transparency and accountability will get this leadership out of the woods", advised the Professor.
Some members of the board of trustee of the PCC, the Synod Clerk and some pastors had fallen out with the moderator of the PCC, which has since been dividing opinions within Christians of the PCC.

The Moderator recently addressed the congregation of PCC Bonamousadi in Douala on his innocence and called on Christians to pray for the welfare of the church.



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