Cameroon – Prolonged blackout: ENEO technicians begin 'repairing' overloaded transformer after Thursday’s women’s protest

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 16-Oct-2020 - 12h27   7132                      
Inhabitants of Buea Town protest prolonged blackout Facebook
Technicians and officials of the electricity distribution company, Eneo Cameroon S.A. have since yesterday evening been working to re-establish electricity supply in parts of Buea town plunged into a blackout for close to two months.

The move comes after hundreds of women from Mokunda, Wonyamongo, Komboni, Stranger, and Wondongo neighborhoods in Buea Town took to the streets Thursday, October 15, 2020,  to protest the prolonged blackout.

“For over two months now, we have not had electricity. They give us electricity for five minutes and cut it for one week. This is unacceptable. But what pushed us into the streets is the fact that schools have resumed and our children are unable to study. They cannot continue to be studying with candles, lamps, and torches,” the women said.

With placards and peace plants in hand, the women flooded the streets demanding an immediate solution to the worrying situation. They converged at the Sub-divisional Office in Buea, obliging the authorities to address their concerns.

“We matched to the office of the Divisional Officer, D.O., for Buea because we are following administrative procedure. The D.O. is the most senior authority in Buea. If Eneo has been dribbling us, it may well be because they thought we don’t know what else to do. We know that we cannot come here and leave without a solution,” the women said. “We no longer use our fridges and other electrical appliances. As of now, I no longer use my phone because I don’t have where to charge it. We have endured for too long. Thieves have taken advantage to go around robbing homes in the neighborhood.”

Addressing the women, the Divisional Officer, D.O., for Buea, Abba Abdouraman, flanked by Barrister David Mafani Namange, Mayor of Buea, said ENEO Cameroon will do everything within the shortest delay to restore uninterrupted electricity supply in Buea Town.

Invited by the D.O., an official of Eneo said the blackout is the result of the overloading of the transformer supplying electricity to the affected neighborhoods.

“Some time ago, Buea Town had electricity problems. Most of the customers in Buea Town connected themselves to the Mokunda transformer, causing an overload. That is the main reason causing the inconvenience you are facing. The difficulty we have is to sort out those connections and return them to their original transformer. It is a difficult and complicated procedure. We have sorted a good number of them and we are still working on it,” the official said.

As the women retired home, technicians from Eneo could be seen mounting electricity poles in what may be a bid to remedy the prolonged blackout in Buea Town.

Inhabitants anxiously waiting for Eneo to restore electricity (c) Amateur

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