Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Lysoka Chief Njie Mbanda Dies In “Amba” Captivity

Par Wilson MUSA | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 30-Jul-2018 - 11h53   10544                      
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Tongues have been wagging in Buea Subdivision, Fako Division in the South West region following the death of HRH Chief Njie Mbanda of Lysoka Village.

The chief was abducted last week among other 8 chiefs by Separatist fighters on their alleged role in working with Military to expose the secrets of the fighters and for indicting villagers for arrest.

Chief Mbanda died last Friday in one of the camps where they were held captive. In a video released by the fighters, the later Chief is seen lying on the ground while two others stood before him explaining that he died as a result of poor health since his abduction.

Anglophone Activists have dispelled rumors that the Chief was shot dead at close range. But denizens have received the news with mixed feelings.

While some say every Village head who ‘betrays’ his subjects, should be dealt with, others opine that traditional rulers be given maximum respect.

Based on anonymity, one person said, “Why is his death of any importance or making news. Chiefs are government officials and they are to be treated as such unless they denounce their allegiance and stand with the people and their culture. His life is not better than all the lives la republic army has killed.”

Another against the abduction of Chiefs opined that, “I'm Bakwerian and you calling us means nothing. We will investigate and if he was guilty then he deserves it but if not we shall punish those involved. But calling us to rise up means nothing because others Chiefs have been killed who have been betraying our struggle. Let me state this clear to you, no one is above this revolution and we will bring them down if you don't want to support you better keep quite there are chiefs that are silent and nothing has happened to them so remain neutral, and nothing will happen to you that is just simple.”

The remains of the Chief has been taken to the Buea Mortuary but Bakwerians are already furious about the sictuation and are talking about an eminet revenge. But the question is who will they attack.






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