Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Fon Sehm Mbinglo freed after five days in separatist captivity

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Ndop - 10-Nov-2020 - 14h22   10383                      
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Fon Sehm Mbinglo, the traditional ruler of the Nso people in Bui Division of Cameroon’s Northwest Regions has been freed from separatist captivity.

Shortly after midday on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, pictures of Fon Mbinglo emerged, showing him at UNVDA Ndop under the protection of state forces.

Armed separatists kidnapped 90-year-old Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi, Archbishop Emeritus of Douala, and Fon Sehm Mbinglo at about 6:30 pm on Thursday, November 5, 2020, in Baba, Babessi subdivision, Ngoketunjia Division of Cameroon’s Northwest Region.

Tumi was freed the next day but the Fon was held in captivity. On Tuesday, a voice record attributable to the Bui Warriors Communication Council said the Bui Warriors and Ngoketunjia Restoration Forces had decided to release the Fon after they agreed on certain conditions.

The 8 minutes 23 seconds audio transcribed by the Cameroon News Agency states inter alia:

“On Thursday, November 5, 2020, Fon Mbinglo of Nso was arrested by the Restoration Forces of Ngoketunjia, not kidnapped… After due interrogation, examination, re-examination, and cross-examination, His Majesty Fon Mbinglo was found guilty as charged…He stated that some elites residing in French Cameroon had induced him into error… He agreed to meet the following conditions:

“That he is going to hands-off completely from anything that has to do with politics and French Cameroun. In this regard, the Fon of Nso is going to send a resignation letter to Ambazonians. Resigning from being a candidate in the said Regional elections.

“The Fon will only return to Nso upon fulfillment of this agreement else he might return to Yaoundé or anywhere else in French Cameroon where he could promote French Cameroon interests.

“Upon reoffending the people of Ambazonia, the Fon will be rearrested and penalized by the restoration forces accordingly.

“The Fon agreed to work as an untainted, uncorrupted traditional authority for the Nso people, following the footsteps of his own father so as to regain the lost glory for the Nso people and repair his own damaged integrity. The integrity damaged by his mingling with French Cameroon politics. Here, he reiterated his position never again to be a politician.

“The Fon has also agreed to, on his release, send a direct message to Mr. Paul Biya, the President of French Cameroun, to release all our people held as prisoners in French Cameroon dungeons beginning with President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of his cabinet abducted by French Cameroon forces in Nera Hotel Abuja Nigeria and all the other Ambazonians held in Cameroon prisons and cells.

“The Fon equally agreed to urge Mr. Paul Biya to get into the negotiation table with Ambazonia and end this senseless war declared by him on the Ambazonia people.

“And lastly, the Fon of Nso agreed to tell or urge Mr. Paul Biya to stop all colonial activities in Ambazonia starting with the withdrawal of the army and administration of occupation.

"In the light of these, the Bui Warriors working hand-in-gloves with the Ngoketunjia defense council, wish to announce to the Nso people, to national and international opinion as follows:

“His Royal Highness, Sehm Mbinglo, paramount Fon of Nso has been released by the Ngoketunjia Restoration Forces, he shall be making his triumphant home coming to Nso when the moment shall have been ripe. The Bui Warriors shall be joining the Nso population with open hands to receive his Majesty back home come this appropriate moment.

"Finally, the Bui Warriors and the Ngoketunjia Restoration Forces hereby sound a loud warning to whosoever and all traditional rulers who venture to do French Cameroon politics on Ambazonia territory or who in any way try to promote French Cameroon politics of any such on Ambazonia territory...Contrary to legislation and contrary to exigencies of the Ambazonia people..."


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