Spanish premier mistakenly calls Kenyan leader 'president of Senegal'

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NAIROBI - 26-Oct-2022 - 17h15   4578                      
Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez in Kenya Screen Capture
Visiting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez misspoke during joint press briefing in Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya (AA) – In televised remarks during an official visit to Kenya on Wednesday, Spain’s visiting prime minister mistakenly referred to his host, President William Ruto, as the president of Senegal.

During a press briefing at State House in the capital Nairobi, Pedro Sanchez said that his government will work with Kenya in many areas to strengthen bilateral ties.

“Spain is also a potential ally in many fields, areas, that we can work together with Senegal in order to face the common challenges that our societies are facing,” Sanchez said, confusing the East African country for one on the opposite coast.

Sanchez added: “I am very honored to be one of the first international leaders visiting you as the president of Senegal and am really looking forward to working with you and your ministers.”

Laughing off the faux pas, President Ruto briefly interrupted Sanchez's speech to correct him.

Sanchez apologized to Ruto before continuing: “I am looking forward to working with you and the ministers. I bring a delegation of established Spanish companies in Kenya that are looking forward to the expansion.”

Ruto thanked Sanchez for inviting him to visit Spain, adding: “As a gateway to the continent, we will work together so Spain can find its way into Africa.”


Andrew Wasike/AA

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