Cameroon – Killing of schoolgirl by gendarme in Buea: Some of those behind the incident are already under arrest, Governor Okalia Bilai says

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
BUEA - 14-Oct-2021 - 21h41   7518                      
Governor Okalia Bilai addresses irate crowd Screenshot from amateur video
Okalia Bilai Bernard, Governor of the South-West Region has said some of those behind the incident that saw a gendarme kill a schoolgirl in Buea have been arrested.

“I want to assure you that those who did it, some are already under arrest,” said Okalia Bilai.

Addressing an angry crowd that mobbed his office on Thursday, October 14, 2021, the Representative of the State in the South-West region expressed shock at the “atrocious incident”. He promised the population that those behind the killing of the schoolgirl will pay.

Hear him: “This child could have been your child or my child. The innocent child was going to school. I am fighting here for children to go to school. So all of us are in shock. I want to assure you that those who did it, some are already under arrest.

“Are you listening to me? Because this child could have been your child, my child, an innocent child. She was going to school. I am fighting here for children to go to school. But how is it that a child on her way to school is killed?

“So, it is a shock. Rest assured that I, the Governor, you know me, you know that I am not a cunning man. Those who did it, no matter their grade, they will pay. They will pay!

“Are you listening to me? But I want us to carry the corpse of our innocent child to the mortuary. We must mourn her in peace. You say that peace. Let us be in peace no matter how painful the situation is.

“It is an atrocity. But let us not give room to people who will like to add to this atrocity. Are you getting me well? Please, let us now accompany the remains of our daughter to the mortuary. I am with you. Let us go.”

After the Governor’s fatherly speech, some voices in the crowd told him that some members of the defense and security forces are a thorn in the flesh of law-abiding citizens.

“You cannot hold your phone and walk on the streets without being harassed by the gendarmes and police,” a voice said from the teeming crowd.

“Enough is enough,” some voices chorused. “Mr. Governor, we also want the military out of the city because they frighten us with their guns, especially the gendarmes,” others said.

As the crowd retreated from the Governor’s Office, they chanted “No more Gendarme! No more Gendarme.”

The deceased schoolgirl was finally buried late on Thursday evening after the crowd had paraded the streets of Buea with the corpse.


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