Cameroon: SuperStar Blanche Bailly was arrested for a stolen refrigerator. This is what really happened before and during Blanche's arrest !

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Blanche Bailly B. Bailly
"Blanch reportedly bought the fridge from someone who is not the owner at a very cheap rate inside Buea"
This is the refrigerator that is at the center of Blanch Bailly's arrest.
Blanche Bailly - Stolen Fridge (c) B. Bailly
Blanch reportedly bought the fridge from someone who is not the owner at a very cheap rate inside Buea
The owner, a celebrity too in Cameroon reported the missing fridge along with other goods to the police and the person who sold the fridge was arrested after investigations
When the owner discovered Blanche was one of the buyers, he contacted her through on multiple occasions and through the police, out of respect for her status to refund the stolen good but Blanche ignored.
Police officers who were already investigating the issue got a tip-off that Blanche was planning to move the fridge to Douala and an order was given for her arrest.
When the police arrived at her home, Blanche had a lorry parked outside ready to go but was on live session on Facebook interacting with her fans.
The police respectfully knocked her door and introduced themseves and Blanche started shouting and telling her fans about the police presence-its as if she knew they were coming and wanted to spotlight
Finally she opened the door and started attacking the police, dramatising her arrest all while filming.
I'm not a fan of law enforcement officers in Cameroon but have never seen Cameroonian police act so professionally.
The officers (2) politely talked to her and she started shouting, and attacking them all while telling her fans the contrary.
They (officers) had to call back to their station and were told to bring her.
She was held respectfully by the hand and taken away in a police van.
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