World News: Vladimir Putin instructs arms producers to deliver weapons in shortest time possible

Par Elena Teslova/AA | AA
MOSCOW - 20-Sep-2022 - 16h07   3879                      
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President discusses deliveries to war zone with Russia's weapons manufacturers

MOSCOW (AA) - Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed arms producers Tuesday to ship weapons in the shortest possible time when he discussed deliveries to the zone of special military operation in Ukraine.

"Today, taking into account the situation, challenges and threats that our country is facing, defense industry enterprises are working in a tense, intensive mode,” he told representatives of the Russian defense industry in Moscow as he identified the “most pressing problems -- organizational, financial, technological.”

Putin said Russia's weapons show high efficiency against the West in Ukraine, especially aviation, high-precision missiles, rockets, tanks.

"(Those means) make it possible to destroy the military infrastructure, control points, enemy equipment, hit the locations of nationalist formations, while minimizing losses among personnel," he said.

Putin noted that "all NATO's arsenals" are collected to help Ukraine, which makes it possible for Russia to capture and study them to improve its weapons.

"We must and can study the arsenals. What is there and what is being used against us, qualitatively increase our capabilities and based on the experience gained, improve, where necessary, our equipment, our weapons,” he said.

"This process is natural and, of course, we need to take advantage of it. And we have to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible," he added.


Elena Teslova/AA

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