Cameroon: Ambazonia leader Chris Anu banished from his native Lebialem, declared persona non grata

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
YAOUNDE - 17-Feb-2021 - 15h07   20801                      
Chris Anu, Communication Secretary W. Musa
Christopher Anu Fobeneh, Secretary for Communication and IT at the Ambazonia Interim Government has been declared persona non grata in his native Lebialem Division in Cameroon’s South West Region.

The decision made public in Yaoundé Tuesday, February 16 follows the killing of three traditional rulers in Essoh-Attah by armed separatists fighting to transform Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions into a country called Ambazonia.

According to the people of Lebialem Division, notorious separatist fighter Oliver Lekeaka alias Field Marshal, following instructions from his elder brother, Chris Anu, killed Chiefs Fualasoeh Peter, Formin Benedict, and Simon Forzi on the night of February 13, 2021.

Meeting Tuesday at the National Museum in Yaoundé to denounce separatists and their deeds, the people of Lebialem, through the voice of their traditional rulers and elites said, “Enough is enough!”

“Chris Anu, I want to tell you this, that we have collectively banished you from Lebialem. That you will never set foot on Lebialem soil anymore,” Minister Paul Tasong thundered.

“Chris, I want to let you know and ask you to stop wasting your time on your Facebook Republic refuting the acts you so carefully planned with your brother Lekeaka on February 13, 2021,” Tasong furthered.

He called on the people of Lebialem all over the world to shout so loud so that the government of the United States hear their cry and stop providing sanctuary to Chris Anu.

“I am asking the people of Lebialem to shout at the top of their voices until the authorities of the land where you live to hear our cry. And when they hear our cry, I am asking them to remind those authorities that Cameroon continuous to enjoy and cherish their friendship. Cameroon respects their strong and powerful stands against all forms of human rights abuses,” Tasong continued.

The elite of Lebialem said the United States should not continue to “harbor a criminal like Christopher Anu, who has without vailing his face, has declared and executed heinous acts on the peace-loving people of Lebialem.”

“The US cannot harbor without remorse, a man, Pastor for that matter, who has not only gone wayward but together with his band of rogues, sponsors and directs horrendous and unspeakable acts of violence against the Cameroonian people,” Tasong summed.


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